Celebrity X is how old?

Ann Curry is 55. That leaves me completely gobsmacked. I probably would have missed guessing that by 15 years.

We were watching Contact, in which there is some degree of romance between Jodie Foster and Matthew McConnaughey, which struck me as wildly off, agewise. I thought there’d be 10-15 years between them, but it was only a few years when we looked it up.

This Ann Curry is 55 years old ?

You want to be gobsmacked, Katie Couric and Matt Lauer are both also 55. Meredith Viera is older than all of them, at 58.

Gabrielle Carteris, who played a high school student on Beverly Hills 90210 in the early 1990s, is 51.

I was shocked at the ages of William Hickey and Jeff “The Frugal Gourmet” Smith at 69 and 65, respectively, when they died. I would have thought they were that old 20 years previously!

Vallerie Bertinelli is 52. She is older than I am. I’m ashamed and deeply, deeply jealous.

This one still gets me: Inside the Actor’s Studio’s James Lipton is freakin’ 85! Pact with Satan I’m guessing. That, or a ton of make-up…

I know! She looks great!

I imagine she always has been, and you should have anticipated that one day she’d be 52.


She stayed young by absorbing her former husband’s life force. Note that he’s only four years older than she is.

I thought you were amazed that she was older than you. That’s how I read it.

A picture gallery of Elizabeth Hurley from last February. She was 46 when these pictures were taken (she turned 47 earlier this month).

Another surprising actress is Kristen Bell. She’s played so many young characters in her career and only recently has began playing adult roles. She’s 31. (She was 24 when she was cast as high school student Veronica Mars.)

I am surprised she’s older than I am. I thought I was at least a half a decade older. Another star who was always older than me that I didn’t know about was Johnny Depp. Vallerie I learner about when I saw an infomecial where she says “I’m almost 50!” I looked her up and saw she was passed 50.

Depp was giving an interview when his age was mentioned. I thought I had 10 years on him at least.

The reverse of this is Abe Vigoda. I’m assuming many people have seen him playing Sal Tessio in The Godfather.

Vigoda was only 51 when he played that part. George Clooney and David Duchovny and Sean Penn and Hugh Grant are all 51.

Mark Harmon is 60. I remember when he played quarterback at UCLA.

Larry Hagman is 80 and once again playing J. R.

Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt were both born in 1963.

I was born in 1965.

I’ve aged. Those bastards look as good as they ever did.

It’s more that it makes me feel old, but Eminem is 40.