Celebs Wearing Yellow Bracelets

I’ve noticed several of them in the past couple of days wearing them. I’m assuming that it’s to remember the troops, but I don’t know for certain (Tom Brokaw is on Letterman with one now). If it’s not that, then what is it? When did it start?

It’s a LiveStrong bracelet, named after Lance Armstrong and manufactured by Nike. Profits go to cancer research (actually the Lance Armstrong Foundation).

Nope. Nothing to do with supporting the troops.

Everything to do with cancer and Lance Armstrong.

See http://www.laf.org/

Oh, thanks for asking that! All these people at my gym wear them and I never think to ask.

Not just celebs, dopers wear them also.
I have seen one on Scout1222’s wrist and I wear one also.

They’re so popular that the girls working at the Krispy Kreme begged to know where I got mine, and I caught one of my 9th grade students wearing a yellow rubber band with “LIVESTRONG” written on it in marker.

They were sold out for a while but they can now be found at Niketown stores.