Celexa - the key to eternal joy

But really…am I supposed to be this f-ing nauseous?

Anyone taking Celexa? I just started it today and maybe it’s all in my head, but I feel like I’m going to throw up every time I blink.



Just started it 1 1/2 weeks ago.

Yes, I felt the same way when I first started, but it went away after two or three days. And my doctor warned me about it in advance.

Just relax, drink some water, and know that it won’t take you too long to get used to it.

Well, don’t blink. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

Could you explain the medication? Surely a booklet came with the prescription which should outline any potential side-effects. Did you eat (enough) before taking it?

I read the information and it said you can take it with or without medication, just make sure to take it in the morning. I took the pill, then ate breakfast. One of the other happy side effects I see here is “increased sweating” which is always attractive on a lady.


I’ve never heard of this drug. Is it an anti-depressant? Or a sweat inducer?

Ahhh, yes… the sweat-bead moustache. Killer.

Celexa is a nauseating, sweat inducing anti-depressant, which will surely turn my life into nothing but sunshine and happiness! At least that’s what happened to the lady on the brochure.

The main side-effect for me was extreme fatique. Contrary to what the brochure tells you, this doesn’t necesarily resolve itself in 2 weeks. Try 6 to 8, for me. But what is true is that your body gets better at dealing with the drug, and the side effects ease up.

I was kinda hoping for nausea, myself. Weight Loss bonus!

I haven’t noticed any side effects at all (he said, just before the Teeming Thousands turned on him and rent him limb from limb). Of course, illness had already caused several of the more objectionable side effects, so maybe I am (or would be) suffering from them and just haven’t noticed because I’m used to it.

Of course, there are a million (so I exaggerate) SSRIs out there, and YMMV. Discuss the situation with your primary care physician, neurologist, or what have you.

Jarbabyj, how are you feeling today?

How nice of you to ask me Airblair :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t know if I have to worry about this ‘weight gain’ side effect as I have had absolutely NO appetite since about yesterday noon. I’m forcing myself to eat some carrots right now so I don’t get lightheaded, but I just don’t feel like eating.

And I’m a little nauseous, but nowhere NEAR as bad as yesterday.

This weekend will be the test…I’m going away on a gambling trip with my friends…


I started off at 10 mg and ramped up to 40 over a couple of months before giving it up. Yeah, the dizzyness and nausea was unconfortable but it was the loss of sex drive that nipped my bud (my wife’s too). That and the fact I couldn’t see that I was getting any benefit from it. I dunno, maybe that Kansas City pharmicist was mixing mine.

Also, my doctor told me it was going to solve every ill I could imagine. Then I noticed he had everybody in his office on it, Celexa clocks, pens, etc. Red flag. My wife works for a mojor drug company and I know how they operate. Doctor writes lots of prescriptions - gets taken to many fancy restaurants and out-of-town conferences.

I hope you have luck with it and let us know if you do. Maybe I’ll try it again but my first encounter did little for me.

I’m on 20 mg right now, and I told Mr. Jarbaby ahead of time that there was a chance of the libido going bye bye. He restrained his horror with a sort of grace that I can only praise him for.

Sadly, I see that I will also have trouble maintaining an erection…

oh wait.


I’m on 10 mg, after switching from Paxil 20 mg to Celexa 20 and down to 10. I take mine before I go to sleep because it makes me sleepy; I’m surprised they are telling you to take it in the morning. My side effects didn’t include nausea but that may be because I was already used to the Paxil? I experience more realistic dreams, good night’s sleep, yawning, forgetfulness of details.

Good luck!

I have taken Prozac this summer to help with the moodiness that seems to grip me during my period. I loved being on it.
( I took it for six weeks to see all the bennies)

My side effects were tiredness ( but I took it at night which helped with my insomnia) and a bit of a fuzzy head, yet it helped me focus, if that makes any sense. and farting, can I say farting or should I be more refine and state that I was pulling my finger alot?

I love it because it really helped with the minor OCD stuff and I wasn’t annoyed at all by pure idiotic people. Also, I had no appetite while on it and the sex drive just shifted into park, which was hubby’s number one complaint.

so I am off it because I am suppose to be some raging nympho around my house. (as if.)

I am blessed with a good friend who is a grizzled NYC psychiatrist. He’s seen it all. If you want to hear a fine collection of invectives, get him going on drug companies, insurance companies and related politics. His policy is to treat patients only if they do not involve an insurance company "because I would spent 75% of my time doing their §$%& forms and the rest arguing about the treatment.”

We have many discussions, and I understand maybe 25% of what he says. I’ve asked him about the SSRIs, and Celexa in particular.

Here’s the short form of a two hour lecture I have received:

1.) First and foremost, make sure of one thing: If you suffer from depressions, there can be times when they get so bad that you show psychotic symptoms. The reflex in a practitioner is to diagnose schizophrenia. And to treat you with anti-psychotic drugs, namely dopamine blockers. To someone who suffers from depression, my friend recommends to avoid these like the plague. If you suffer from depression, dopamine blockers typically worsen the symptoms, and in many patients they can result in irreversible psychological and physiological damage. His advice, in a nutshell, is: "If you still have lucid moments, resist the stuff. A psychotic patient treated with anti-psychotic medication looks good and logical on a chart, but it can literally kill you if you are the patient.”

2.) What you want is your neurotransmitters to function right and balanced. Just like you don’t want an overproduction of certain neurotransmitters (result of certain drugs, legal and illegal), you also don’t want to block them. However, what is often beneficial is to retard the natural breakdown of these naturally occurring neurotransmitters. The depression could be a result of a lack of neurotransmitters or of the neurotransmitters being metabolized faster than they should. My friend climbed down to my level of understanding and said: ”Basically, you want keep the good stuff around longer. And what’s wrong with that?”

3.) Celexa is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, In layman’s terms, it works on keeping serotonin around longer. But it’s selective, it works on serotonin only. The remaining neurotransmitters are not affected and are broken down faster than you would like.

4.) After many years of work on these substances, my friend favors the "good old” MAO inhibitors (such as Parnate etc.) which act as "preservatives” for all good neurotransmitters. According to my friend, these MAO inhibitors are not a controlled substance, they are benign, and you typically don’t feel an effect unless you are depressed. And if you are depressed, you might feel a positive effect after the first pill. Also according to my friend, MAO inhibitors received a bad rap years ago. Supposedly, there is a risk of hypertension (elevated blood pressure) if taken with certain food which is rarely eaten anyway, such as smelly cheese or pickled herring, But most of the times, my friend observed a lowering of the blood pressure instead of a raise. His bottom line on the issue: "People die left and right from heart attacks while on Viagra - but nobody makes a big deal out of it because a man’s ultimate fantasy is fulfilled: death during intercourse. And there is a beneficial drug which can help millions of depressed people, and they worry about smelly cheese. Sometimes, I wonder who’s nuts and who’s not.”

5.) As far as fatigue and SSRIs goes: Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that makes you sleepy, just like norepinephrine tells your body to be alert, and dopamine works as a reward. Keep serotonin from being metabolized, and of course you will feel sleepy or fatigued. My friend remarked on a very interesting effect of the standard old MAO inhibitors - again because they work on all neurotransmitters, instead of a selective one. Taken in the morning, MAO inhibitors have more "wake up” neurotransmitters (norepinephrine) to work on, and the result can be a raised level of alertness. Taken in the evening, MAO inhibitors have more "go to bed and sleep” neurotransmitters to work on (serotonin), and that tends to result in making you sleepy. According to my friend: "If you want to enhance this, take a simple glass of milk and some sugar in it.” In any case, a drug that enhances your natural patterns instead of messing with them is close to a wonder drug.
Disclaimer: As I said, I understand maybe 25% of what he says. I played it back to him in my very amateurish terms, and all I heard was :”Yeah, you could say that.” Some details could be wrong, and I am in no position to enter a scientific discussion. I simply saw the traffic on the board, and did ask. I also won’t end with the standard "Listen to your doctor.” My friend tells me that the brain is one of the least understood organs. He studied the brain all his professional life and he admits freely that basically, we still have no idea. He recommends to look for a doctor with a wide open mind. His last word: “Be prepared that some doctors haven’t heard of MAO inhibitors. They have been around longer than many of the doctors. And when MAO inhibitors came out, there was a witch drive and people were more worried about smelly cheese than about the beneficial effects.”

I’m working on him to write a book on all that. But it’s very hard to change a Psychiatrist’s mind.

According to my doctor, you’re welcome to dick around with the time you take it. If makes you still real sleepy in the morning after taking it at bedtime, take it a few hours earlier in the evening. If it makes you too jittery to sleep, take it in the morning. Or try a half-dose first (note the pills are easy to divide) and then go up to full dose after you’ve adjusted a little.

As is obvious from the testimonials here, everyone’s reaction at first can be a little different.

I think there are ways to handle the libido thing. My doctor said to come back if it’s a problem. Of course, my libido was already in the basement so just getting happier spells improvement. Again, everyone is different.

What the hell is it with the SDMB, anyway? Are antidepressants being described that widely, or do we boast a higher proportion of whackjobs among our numbers? I’m voting for #2. Jesus, if you want an expert on science fiction or depression, drop on in to the SDMB!

I’ve suffered from depression. I started therapy about 2 yrs. ago. That was allright, but not helping as much as I needed. My therapist suggested looking into anti-depressants. I got the names of a few shrinks, went to see one. After a couple visits, he put me on Wellbutrin. We had to mess with the dosage a couple times, but wowee did it help! Wellbutrin helped stop me from sinking into horrible mood swings during PMS. I maybe get a little bitchy or melancholy during that time, but I don’t have the one minute I’m happy/next minute I’m in tears problems. It also simply helped me in my day-to-day life. I had more hope, I was more willing to get up in the morning. I noticed a little sleepiness at first, but it went away. No nausea or any of that.

I think the medicine wasn’t the only thing I needed, but it was integral in helping me. It got my depression under control enough so that I’m able to work on the results of my depression and concentrate on getting things on track. It helped me to lift myself out of depression enough to talk honestly about my problems and figure out how to better go about living my life.

I took Celexa for about two months. I didn’t have nausea but horrible diahhrea that lasted the entire time I took it. Sex drive was reduced but erections were not even possible! When I stopped taking them and my sex drive started to return all I could hear was my wife on the phone with the pharmacist shouting “REFILLS, WE NEED REFILLS”:slight_smile:

It just made me have NO emotions whatsoever. “Honey the house is on fire and our kids are burning to death”
thats nice dear

If at all possible, skip the therapist step and go straight to an excellent psychiatrist. You’ll get a therapist and a medical doctor rolled into one. If you just want to talk, you can do that with your friends (if there are any left … if they are all gone then it’s high time to see a psychiatrist), or a priest or whoever. With real depression (a very common thing), “just talk” is a waste of time.

You want to nip it in the bud ASAP. Often, when a therapist recommends medication, then he or she raises the white flag, because the patient has full blown psychosis and actually needs to be hospitalized.