Cell phone charging/data connectors

My wife lost the wall charger for her basic Samsung flip phone. No problem, just run down to Walmart and pick one up. or even a USB charging cable. After a lot of searching I finally found a single charger with multiple plugs that includes this damn connector.

Most current smart phones seem to use a Micro USB (5 pins?) or the newer USB-C with 24 pins. I can see this, since they are meant to synch to computers, etc.

But the Samsung connector is 20 pins for a flip phone - no apps, no Wi-Fi, I don’t think it connects to the Internet. What the heck, what are the extra 18 pins for?

My Motorola flip phone is a slightly older version and uses a plain Mini-USB, 4 pins.


If you really want to know… http://pinoutguide.com/CellularPhones-P-W/samsung_d800_pinout.shtml

Nowadays, devices just tend to send all they need digitally, with a few pins reserved for power and all the data riding on the others.