Cell Phone Directory and Do Not Call List

I received the following e-mail from a friend this morning and want to know whether it’s accurate:

  1. Is a cell phone directory going to be published soon?
    1A) If so, how does one remove their number from the directory

  2. Will it really be legal for solicitors to call cell phones?

I was under the impression that it is against the law for anyone (including charites, polls, etc.) to call you unsolicited on a line where you may have to pay to receive said call.

But I could not find a cite for this law though.

The link is to the ordinary registration for the Do Not Call registry, which has no information about any expanded telemarketing to cell phones. It’s easy enough to put a URL for a legitimate site into a hoax email. I couldn’t find anything at Snopes about it, though.

My assumption is that writer heard there was going to be a cell phone directory published and concluded that it would mean that tele-marketers would have a new list of numbers to add to their automatic dialers. However, such a non-public list must already exist for solicitors so that their auto-dialers wouldn’t randomly call a cell phone.