Cell-Phone "Do Not Call" Number: Yea or Nay?

I just got this e-mail from a pretty reliable friend: is this for real, or Snopes-fodder?

It’s real.

Do Not Call Registry

You can register all your phone numbers here.

Nay. The number works, but the dealine is fake.

Snopes says:

Snopes’ link.

Thanks–I do so much Snopes-forwarding my friends must think I own stock in it.

Hmm… I don’t think snopes has a business model or an IPO date. :wink:

[sub]I wonder if we could start an email chain letter spreading this as a rumor, though :-D[/sub]

You mean you don’t know the real story behind Snopes? They’re actually a front for the Illuminati. Their role is to establish a rock-solid reputation for discrediting rumors and urban legands. They’re always a step ahead of others because many of the stories are originated by the Secret Masters so Snopes always has advance notice. Then on X-Day, everything will be in place for the Illuminati will make its master move and take control. But to do this they will have to reveal themselves and the world will see them for what they truly are. And then Snopes will step in and deny that all the rumors going around have any truth to them. People will believe them and hesitate to act, even if only for a few crucial hours, and all will be lost. And then the Great Awakening will begin…

But I’ve probably already said too much.

Look! There’s a black helicopter heading for Little Nemo’s house!

No there isn’t.

Go ahead and register your number with the Do Not Call list if you want–all you spend is a few minutes. However, couldn’t telemarketing and other unsolicited calls be actionable under the junk faxes law?

Hmm… I guess that means all the ‘don’t trust us completely, trust your gut and research things yourself’ spiel from the lost legends section is all a smokescreen because they know that everybody’s too lazy to do that? :slight_smile:

The Illuminated Ones have been studying humanity for thousands of years. They understand psychology quite well. They know that having Snopes tell people to doubt them will actually increase its reputation for trustworthiness. A Secret Master would even do something like reveal the truth here just so it will be dismissed as a joke.

But, again, I’ve said too much.