Cell phone roaming, should I be A or B?

I’m going to Toronto soon and according to a book on cell phone travel, I can use either Roaming A or Roaming B while in Toronto.

My phone is set on Roaming B. I can just as easily set it on Roaming A.

Is there any difference between these two? I believe Roaming A calls are handled by Rogers and Roaming B by Canadian Bell.

Call your carrier’s customer service line and ask them - they probably will have some insight as to which choice is better and/or cheaper.

It might not make a difference. Your phone (assuming it’s a CDMA phone) has a Preferred Roaming List, which tells it which networks to use. The A/B selection is only used when none of the networks in the PRL are available. Your carrier will be able to tell you if you need to change any settings or update your PRL before going to Canada.