Cell signal booster?

I’ve been having some issues with the signal strength where I’m currently living. I’ve missed calls from health providers several times.

The signal is strong outside of the house but it varies inside. The area where I spend most of my time has the weakest signal.

I’ve been looking at signal boosters. Most of them require an antenna mounted outside. This isn’t practical, I’m only living here temporarily.

I’ve found one where the antenna is placed inside at a window. The signal is strong at the front windows so it would be perfect if it works.

Unfortunately the reviews on Amazon, while mostly good, are mixed. At least one person says it doesn’t work well with their AT&T phone. My carrier is AT&T, 4G LTE.

I’m looking for knowledgeable opinions on this booster or suggestions for alternative solutions.

Do you have DSL or cable internet?

Many phones can make and receive calls over WiFi. My last two Galaxy phones had that ability.

Do you have a phone from a major provider? If so, contact them and see if they will provide a microcell device. A microcell works like a mini-cell tower you attach to your router. Your phone connects to the microcell and sends the packets over the internet.

My old phone had that ability but I had to replace it and the new one doesn’t have that option, as far as I can tell.

I downloaded a WiFi calling app from Google Play but it doesn’t seem to work. When I turn it on it turns back off.

If anyone has a suggestion as to how I can use WiFi calling with my Samsung Galaxy S6, that would be the perfect solution.

Thanks! My provider is AT&T. I’ll have to contact them.

It depends on the provider. It may also depend on the kind of contract you have. I got one for free from ATT. When I asked T-Mobile for one several years ago, they charged for it (maybe $100-200?). You’re more likely to get it for free if you have a contract. If it’s a prepaid phone, you’ll likely have to purchase it or it might not be supported at all. When I switched my ATT from contract to prepaid, the microcell wasn’t supported on prepaid.

One of the benefits of Amazon is that they have a pretty good returns policy so you could try it out, and if you’re not happy, return it for a refund.

I checked on AT&T’s website and they no longer sell microcell devices. They suggest using WiFi calling while admitting that not all devices support it. Nice, right? Why do companies reduce service options?

They do still appear to support it if you have a device. They have a page for activating a microcell. There are a number of such devices for sale on eBay. I assume I can just plug it into an internet router and activate it online. Is this a good idea or would there be problems? Many of the ones on eBay are 3G. Will my 4G phone drop down to 3G to use the microcell?

I am also on AT&T and luckily had a buddy who had a microcell that he wasn’t using. Yes, it’s plugged right into the router and while it isn’t a perfect solution it made a HUGE difference. It seems to drop its connection to the phone maybe once a week but a simple reboot fixes it (takes a while to come back up, though)

Isn’t 3G/4G just for data? I think calls/texts go over something different. I would assume you’d use wifi for data at home, so I don’t know that 3G would be a factor at all.

If you use wifi for calling, does that help with incoming calls? i would think wifi calling would only work for outbound calls, but I’m just guessing.

That’s what I thought but some of the devices on eBay say 3g. It’s confusing

I do use WiFi for data at home.

I used WiFi calling with my old phone, it worked fine, and I don’t recall missing any calls so I assume it was working with incoming. Unfortunately my new phone doesn’t support it.

Sounds good. Did you have to register it with your provider? Do they charge you any extra for using it?

If you are willing to pay $300 for signal booster, why not just replace your phone with one that will permit WiFi calling?

We’d like to improve the signal for everyone in the house. In any case, I’m now leaning towards getting a microcell which costs much less secondhand.

there is a process for getting it activated but i don’t quite recall what it is; you’re probably right, you call them and give them the serial # on the side of the microcell. there’s no additional charge to use it.

At one point I also had a MicroCell hooked to my DSL. It was free from ATT after I complained about service.

I guess most, but not all, new phones use WiFi instead. I had a Galaxy 7 and now the 9.

As I said, that option is not available on my phone.

The weird thing is that my S5 had it but my S6 doesn’t.

I have one of the old AT&T microcells, which they gave us about a decade ago. It’s a brilliant little thing, though it’s only accessible to phones that are on AT&T, and one has to go to a website to manually enter the phone numbers which you’re authorizing to use it. (I have our two cell phones on it, as well as the phones for a handful of friends who come to visit regularly.)

I, too, need to reboot the thing every few weeks, as occasionally, the signal seems to just vanish. (Sometimes, rebooting the phone is necessary, too.)

I’m sad to learn that AT&T doesn’t issue them anymore. Once this one dies, I’ll have to look into other booster options, as cell service in our neighborhood is terrible without it.

It sounds like a microcell is the answer. Secondhand ones aren’t too expensive. I’ll look for one on eBay or Amazon.