Cellulite in kids

Strange question – Our 4-year-old daughter appears to have cellulite on her butt. She’s not overweight; she’s tall for her age and her weight/height proportion is appropriate. So, how common is cellulite in young kids, and could it be a symptom of something we need to be concerned about (nutritional deficiency/excess, etc.)?

IANA expert, but…
As she’s not overweight it’s probably just some weirdness associated with her growth. I’m basing that on my personal experience that I had some weird wrinkly skin in places on my legs and feet through my childhood that I just eventually grew into, I guess, because it all looks normal now.

On a related note - could it be her body prepping for a growth spurt? I know lots of people who have permanent stretch marks across their lower backs from serious height gains when they were kids - you know, those ‘3 inches in 6 weeks’ spurts that are so common in teenagers. I’ve got no idea if some people’s bodies try to accomodate for that beforehand.

What makes you think it’s not normal?