Center cut ham steaks?

I have been selected to transform a smoked skinless shank-less ham into one inch thick center cut ham steaks. I have no idea how. My first guess will be to cut the frozen thing up with a band-saw. Maybe I can thaw it out, cut it into steaks until I get to the bone, get out the bone saw and finish the cut. I expect to waste a lot of meat, and maybe a finger or two. HELP!

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samclem, Moderator, GQ

My advice would be to go to a butcher or the meat section of your grocery store and pay the person there to cut it up for you. Shouldn’t be more than a few dollars; they might even do it as a courtesy.

Thanks, should I present it to the butcher frozen or thawed?

These days most stores, at least the major chains, won’t touch meat that has left the store. They would have to clean their band saw after doing you job before they could do anything else. fear of contamination you know.

Is there a Cabelas or bass Pro store near by? They sell meat cutting saws. If it’s only a one time job, I’d use a common hacksaw with a course tooth blade.

I second LiveOnAPlane. Call a butcher, this is what they do.

Yes, I received the same email. I didn’t play the lottery though, so I’m confused.

My butcher gets offended when I try to present her the pork.

No idea which would be preferable. Since as some have noted above, not every butcher will do this, it looks like you’ll be doing some calling around. Best to just ask them then.

Well, I went on a short butcher crawl today. The first one took the job, 4 bucks a ham. When asked for a preference, frozen or thawed, he wanted thawed, only to ease the net removal. Thanks for all the responses, even the ones that made me laugh a little too much alone in front of my keyboard.:slight_smile:

Glad you succeeded in your quest.

Yum, ham steaks!