Center of Levity / Levity Well

If objects have centers of gravity and gravity wells (thought of either in terms of their own gravity or in terms of the effect of that of other nearby objects), should not one also speak of centers of levity and levity wells at specific points between them at any given time? Maybe some locations maintain such status for considerable time.

I wouldn’t want you to take this as a heavy subject, I was just looking for somewhere where there was more bounce to the ounce and maybe even the heavy hand of fate had less power.

Ray (After being told to lighten up, he readjusted his melanin.)

Levity wells? That’s too deep for me, Ray. Nothing springs to mind. I’ve come up dry. And usually I’m such a font of ideas.

Well (bad pun) since gravity is caused by the warping of spacetime due to mass, anti-gravity (or levity) probably will need anti-mass. I don’t think antimatter will work as a substitute.

However, I submit that the points between gravity wells would feel like levity wells due to the weightlessness you would experience.

:::really straining for this pun::::

Well, I’ve always found Satan to be a source of great levity, which would figure, since he is the focus of any Black Mass, which is of course the regular Mass said backwards, or anti-Mass…

(Well, you see where it was going…)