Central Newt Hibernation

One of the most enjoyable things about my water garden is the presence of central newts.
One of the reasons they are there is that I’ve not cleaned the leaves and muck out of the pool. It is 12’ x 12’ x 3’ and lined.
I would like to clean some of the muck out.
When is the best time to do this in regards to the newts? Are they hibernating now in the pool? Would Spring or Summer be a better time when they are active and can swim away from a net scooping up leaves from the bottom?
I’m in central Arkansas, Zone 7.

I guess I might as well say “band name” before anyone else does.

Exactly what I was thinking!

Thanks for the help, fellas. :slight_smile:

Some web sites say they remain active under the ice, some say they hibernate on land.
Me, I think they migrate to Louisiana.