Centurylink PRISM / Internet

Centurylink was by my house again touting their fiber to the premises and trying to get me to sign up on the spot with an offer that I could only get through there

  1. I assume their line about it being a one time offer was bullshit, and there’s deals available all the time, so I didn’t just miss out on the once in a lifetime opportunity

  2. What are the secondary boxes like? Do I have to put up with a wireless connection or is there an option to string an ethernet cable or something to them?

  3. Is the picture quality as good as cable?

  4. Assume I do switch, how do I tell Comcast to go pound sand without getting the runaround?

I can only answer #3 for sure.

I have FiOS FTTP and love it. With fiber, there is plenty of bandwidth so video compression and asymmetric internet speeds are not needed. When I switched from Comcast, the video improvements were very obvious.

Maybe an answer to #2.

I believe all FTTP systems use an ONT - Optical Network Terminal - for each installation. This converts the fiber optic signals to Ethernet, four wire telephone and coax for Internet, landline and TV use. Typically, the Ethernet is fed into a standard router with both WiFi and wired outputs.

Forget my answer to #2 - it is FiOS centric. Looks like CenturyLink is using IPTV, so the ONT outputs TV over Ethernet. That will mean different router and cable boxes than FiOS uses.

I still think that the benefits of fiber are still greater than conventional RF cable systems.

This might be a good source for you.