Do you have Verizon FIOS (Fiber Optic)?

Verizon is going to be installing fiber optic in my development in the next few months, so if you’ve already switched over, I’d be interested in hearing your impressions. I have Comcast for cable (including HDTV) and Internet, and it’s okay (although the DVR is sometimes a little flaky), but if the fiber optic is better quality or faster, I’d be willing to switch. (It looks like Verizon’s comparable packages will cost me about $20/month less.)

On the other hand, it wouldn’t surprise me if the fiber system is still having teething pains, so maybe I shouldn’t bother to be an early adopter. I work from home and a solid Internet connection is sometimes critical to my business, so I don’t want to switch unless I’m sure it’s a least as reliable as what I have now.

So tell me all about it.

I had FIOS service installed in October 2005. (Internet connection only.) It has been flawless since day one. I get the full 5 Mbps bandwidth! A huge improvement over the DSL I had before.

I’ve seen the Verizon truck all up and down our block here. So I know at least four of my neighbors are using it as well.

The best part was that the Verizon installer was on the ball. I’m an IT guy, so my connectivity is critical and I had definite ideas on what I needed and how I wanted it set up.

No problem. I say go for it.

How much more was it than DSL?

I actually pay slightly less than I was for my DSL. It’s around $35/month.

It’s a bit more than the comparable plan from the local cable provider, but I’ve had issues with their service.

It’s rather facinating when I think about it. Verizon is putting serious infrastructure investment into this. They’ve added TV service since I signed up.

What’s next? I’m thinking: Complete video on demand services.

Sperry, so you have no experience with Verizon’s TV or telephone service?

I’ve had voice service with them since 1992, but never TV service.

And the phone’s coming in over the fiber? Does it keep working in a power outage?

Verizon can’t even tell me if FIOS is available at my house because they think that my address is not really my address and that I don’t know where I live.

They told me over the phone that my address ‘does not exist’. That’s hilarious, since they send the housemate’s phone bill here!

Verizon supplies a UPS (battery backup device) to keep the voice service working during power outages.