Verizon FiOS

Anyone have experience with new Verizon Fiber Optic based internet service?

It is available in my area, and I ordered it. They bring fiber to your house, then connect all the inside copper to a box that is the copper to fiber interface. Cat 5e up to a internet router. No install charge, free modem w/ Wireless-G and 4 wired ports (but they can’t tell you the brand, apparently), 30 days to cancel.

You can also do month to month with a $70 install fee and fee for the modem.

Residential service is either 5mb/2mb for 34.95/mo or 10mb/2mb for 44.95/mo.

My Comcast connection has gone from not bad to Comcraptic in the past few weeks, so I am hopeful that the telco will do better…

About a week ago I responed to this thread.

I’ve had a great experience with FIOS.

Are you going for the TV or phone package, too? I started the other thread, and I’m interested in finding out about the technical quality of the TV offerings.

I am just getting Internet. They switch all phones (I have 3 lines) to fiber, but they keep the same service.