Optimum Online vs Verizon FIOS Internet?

We currently moving from manhattan to brooklyn. We use time warner cable road runner for 35/month for 15mbps plan and its very good. I found out that in brooklyn, time warner cable internet isn’t available at the new place we are moving to.

Optimum online and verizon are the main companies there and i have few questions.

We don’t watch much tv and haven’t had cable tv in a long time. We had time warner cable internet with 70 + channels a while back but cancelled the service because we dont watch much tv. So all we need is internet. However, we had verizon online dsl before… it was atrious. Whenever the phone rang… internet would go out for 1 minute… when it rains, internet would be very unstable.

I called optimum online and they said they have internet play for 49.95/month for 1st 12 months for the 15mbps plan and 54.95/month for the ultra 50mbps plan which i say is very good b/c 5 dollar more get you 35mbps more speed. Anyways, they said after 12 month, it goes up to 59.95/mont and 64.95/month. Installation fees are 24.95 and they offer free modem and a free wireless router. I was going to actually buy a new router but they said they offered it free and you give it back to them modem/router when you cancel service.

Obviously i would want to have time warner cable internet b/c its only 35/month and then 45/month but no service there. Optimum charges much more. But how about verizon? I read verizon fios are same/similar price but if we only want the internet… how are the cost compared to optimum? We wont go with dsl however b/c of the horrible experiences we had with it. It seems like all verizon does is bundle so many serivces… we dont need other services just want internet.

I know with optimum, its 49.95 or 54.95 month flat and theres no taxes and charges and fees. But what about verizon? I see they offer a 39.95 plan for 1 year plus taxes and fees. How much are the taxes and fees? How much are installation charges etc. I think they dont offer a free router if im not mistaken.

So if you only want internet 1 service, better optimum online or verizon fios?

FiOS Internet 15/5 Mbps is the plan but i assume thats slower than the optimum ultra 50 plan? Is the fios plan faster or slower than the optimum 15mbps plan or the same?

Thank you.

For consumers, FIOS is typically the best internet you can get unless you have access to Google Fiber or municipality-subsidized fiber connections. It is not the same as DSL; it’s fiber-to-the-home and doesn’t travel through telephone lines at all. It is unfortunate that it shares the Verizon name, but it’s a completely different part of the company, just like Verizon Wireless is different from Verizon DSL. But don’t let that dissuade you; it’s an altogether superior technology.

I don’t know about their prices; the taxes and fees depend on your municipality. Use their website or call and get an exact quote with your address and zip code.

Assuming both providers do their jobs, 15 Mbps should be the same no matter who you get it from… but that’s a big if. Some cable companies oversubscribe their lines and crowded neighborhoods don’t necessarily get the full speed during the busiest hours (evenings, etc.) I’ve heard good things about FIOS in this regard, and them getting you the speed you actually paid for, but I do not have direct experience with it. You can check the dslreports and speedtest.net ratings for your particular zip code and ISPs to find out what the real user experience is.

And yes, 15/5 is going to be slower than the 50 plan (of course) … one is 15 and the other is 50. I assume FIOS has their own 50 Mbps plan to match that. The 15 is your download speed and the 5 is your upload speed (primarily relevant when you’re uploading, say, a photo album to Facebook, or sending your friends some music, or video chatting…).

Last thing to note: There is often leeway in these prices. Next time you call one of them, try bargaining a bit… “I’m trying to choose between you and Verizon, and they’re offering $X. My last provider charged only $Y and I can’t pay more than $Z a month… can you come down at all?” They’ll often work with you, or perhaps offer you free bundled TV or whatever. Worth a shot.

2 year Contract

Verizon FIOS 34.99/month for 1st to 12 months. Then its 54.99/month for 13th-24th months. Plus taxes and fees

1 Year contract

Verizon FIOS 39.99/month for 12 months each. Plus taxes and fees

We are moving to brooklyn and we see verizon fios has these options. The previous homeowner had fios and i see that online if you order it as oppose to phone, they waive the activation fee. Isn’t it better to choose the 1 year contract and once its up, then you could do the same 1 year contract again or you cannot do this? Because if you get a 2 year contract, it would cost more than getting the 1 year contract twice. Or can u not do the 1 year contract over again?

Does anyone know how much taxes fios charges per month appromxiately? I know with fios u need a special router and you could rent it 4.99/month or buy it for 100 dollars. Obviously everyone buys it right as oppose to rent it?

Another question i have is don’t you still need your own wireless router if you want other computers to connect to it via wifi or is that verizon router you get from verizon enough?

So if u want wired internet… u would connect an ethernet cable to that to that verizon router?

I only had cable so i have modem and router. But with verizon fios… its just the router that basically acts as router and modem?

I have FiOS. The router they give you does Wireless as well. If you sign a 1 year contract there is no guarantee the rates will not go up. If you sign a 2 year contract you know what your rates will be.

Did you pay for the router or rented it? its 100 if u buy and 4.99 if you rent… seems like no brainer to buy since u could sell it later on assuming u dont use fios anymore?

Well the 1 year contract its 39.99 per month for 1 year… so let say they have this same one 1 year from now. Would you be able to renew it and get it again? This is oppose to get the 2 year where 34.99/month for 12 months and 54.99/month for months 13-24?

Do you know how much the 1 year contract with fios has been in the last few years?

When I signed up for FIOS in Manhattan, the online rate was much better than the phone rate or the rate with a FIOS rep. In fact, I had originally signed up with a FIOS rep and then cancelled because I could do significantly better on line.

The rates they are offering you are teaser rates to sign up, and after they expire, they will almost certainly try to bump you up to their much higher “standard” rate. I was with Time Warner Cable for my triple play when FIOS came to my building. When I called to cancel Time Warner, they were suddenly willing to do a lot better than they had been (but not enough to beat FIOS) to stop me from switching. I’m sure that when my two year contract with FIOS expires, I’ll either threaten to or actually switch back to Time Warner to get a teaser rate again.

When you sign up, you’ll get a full run-down of the taxes, fees, etc. They installed a wireless router standard with my package.

Their renewal and new pricing is all over the place. I’ve had FIOS for 8 years now, doing 2 year packages at a time, and this latest renewal my price went down by $15/month with no changes to service. I’m outside of Boston.

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Okay im told if i order online, no activation fee waived and installation fees waived. Also told that wireless router is free but has to be returned when i cancel service in the future.
So they say 34.99 plus tax for 1st 12 months each, then its 54.99 per month for months 13 to 24 and its 2 year contract.
Month to month plan is 39.99/month for 12 months up to 1 year… reason is b/c the home previously had verizon fios so its cheaper, and this is month to month and u can cancel anytime and activation, installation and wireless router is free.
So wouldn’t it be better to get the month to month one since its basically cheaper than the 2 year agreement and of course u can cancel anytime?
Someone said 2 year contract is good b/c u know how much it will cost at fixed rate from months 1 to 24 but with month to month u wont know in the future. But after 1 year, assuming its 39.99 per month, that would be cheaper than the 2 year plan though.
Thoughts on which one is better? 2 year or month to month? Yes i know with month to month as they call it, u wont know the price after 1 year, but if its 39.99 month now for me discount b/c the house already had fiber installed… i mean whats the biggest increase in price the 39.99 month would go up to? I mean certainly now more than 49.99/month max right?
Because if so, this would be better b/c cost would be same or less when factoring the entire 2 years and with option to cancel it anytime.
Thoughts on that? Does anyone know this 39.99 plan month to month how much it cost the last few years?

Assuming you get the 15/5 plan with verizon fios or the 15/5 plan with optimum… is that the same speed? I alwayss heard verizon fios is faster than optimum but is it faster than optium if both are 15/5?

If so, is 50/25 optimum faster than 15/5 verizon fios?

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