CERN Scientists Break the Speed of Light!

I find this unbelievable and think there is probably some kind of measurement error.


it was an error:

from reddit

this is an issues/topic left over from 5 years ago that somehow made the way back into the news today…

This breaking news just in: Leslie Nielsen is still dead!

From the article:

Generalissimo Francisco Franco cannot be reached for comment.

The article linked in the OP was from September 2011. I knew it sounded familiar…

Didn’t know the dude in charge of the experiment resigned though. That’s rough.

yeah, kind of bad luck for him :frowning:

I’ve put a reminder in my phone to bump this thread in five years.

Surely you can’t be serious? :confused: :smack:

Don’t call me Serious!

Oh, wait… I’ll come in again.

They miss one part of it–actually forgetting that they died. I know I saw the news, but I couldn’t remember if it was real or not. So I basically forgot he was dead.

I remember being bothered by that. Seemed like he’d scienced the right way. When you see something funny, you let others know so they can either confirm or figure out what went wrong.

Hey, it’s Italy. Probably didn’t want to be thrown in jail for attempting to break the speed of light.

Surely the evidence that the article has resurfaced 5 years out of time sync with everything else ought to count in his favor somehow. Clearly they were on to some kind of time shenanigans, even if they misinterpreted the significance of their data.

Those neutrinos were expected to arrive at the destination sensors after a transit of 5 years, but careful measurements seemed to show that they arrived 60 nanoseconds short of 5 years. Upon independent review, it was found that this was just the natural deviance of the Earth’s orbit over a 5-year interval. We just need to adjust our clocks by 60 leap-nanoseconds. The neutrinos had it right all along.

Wait a minute! These could be the missing 60 nanoseconds in the Bible!

Instead of going to jail, why wouldn’t they just surrender?

The results were skewed by someone running an electric can opener.

There was some radio telescope recently that was picking up weird signals from the office microwave when people stopped it by opening it. Took them a while to figure out the source.

That like the ‘light switch that does nothing’ at one end of the hall?

“look - there it is again” -