certain strange people 2

I have had a lot of problems with Christians. These people, related to the previous thread, are always blond. Mostly men. A few women who are appendages. The troubles include slander, people tampering with my property, and being kicked out of groups and stores for bogus reasons. My father, a very educated man, says they are “neocons”. This relates to the previous thread about “certain strange people” since they appear together. The most recent was about 2008 at the Suncook Valley Chorale, when an individual with black hair and a laptop appeared to converse with the instructor, a blond, who vacationed in Arlington, and later accused me of “being obsessed with his wife” whom I never met, because he states her name is “Rosemary” and “Rosemary oil” was on my to-do shopping list, which he got into while I was on break. He and the president of the group, then threatened me, in emails, and kicked me out of this chorus, which I had been in a year. This is after the appearance of the black haired “agent” an “astronomer from Belmont who teaches Kindergarten” the instructor introduced, who stared at the back of my head during the tryout for that semester, then left, not to return for any practices. This black haired person is similar to “certain strange people” in the previous thread. How are these related?

Another incident, is when I went to a jewelry store I frequent, and was told about 2 seconds after entering the empty store by the new clerk that she would "get me for shoplifting because I have “obsessions with head wraps and hair clips and associate with Arabs”. I reported this to the Attourney General and got no response. The code used “head wrap hair clip know arab” is a Fed code used in fascist Virginia, such as among KKK, Nazis, South Right and VA Tech students, as apparently among Feds, to harass and get at people in an obtuse and deniable manner, using fours, or “swastkias” which are “crossed fours”.

Don’t worry about it. You’re just paranoid. Also, wrong forum for this.

I believe you.

Do you want the good news first or the bad news?

The good news is that the government isn’t harrassing you. The bad news is that you’re crazy.

Can’t wait to see the third installment in this fascinating drama.

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