Cesario, I wish you would stop posting about children and their capacity to make decisions

Cesario, I wish you would stop posting about children and their capacity to make decisions.

The lastest thread of the sort from you: Youth Rights - Criminal Responsibility - Great Debates - Straight Dope Message Board

If he does not stop on his own, he should be made to stop, for obvious reasons and because of rules that he has to abide by here.

Also, that thread should be closed.

I wish people would stop posting about Cesario.

Muffin, you stupid, slavering jackal.

Because you know what he’s thinking?

Either this deviant is stupid, or believes the moderators/administrators are.

I suspect the latter.

Couple that with the [apparent] glacier like speed of moderation, and its becoming clear to me that the deviant is thumbing his nose at all of us, but particularly the moderators.

When will it be “enough is enough?”

Quick! Call the authorities! Cesario is thinking!

It’s much better than what he has posted about in the past…

When I saw that thread, it pretty much confirmed for me that Cesario is a troll. Very nicely played, sir.

I’m not big on the whole *thoughtcrime *persecution thing, but have you been paying attention? That thread is almost exactly what he has posted about in the past.

Yes, almost exactly. Just without the pedophilia.

Which is what I thought a lot of these yokels were so concerned about in the first place. Turns out, nope, they’re beset on all sides by the grisly phantoms of their own thoughts and require heightened security measures. Don’t you see what he might be thinking when he posts about these other things? Oh fuck - now I’m thinking about it!

He’s done it again!

How many people are really complaining about Cesario’s GD thread? Not that many (so far). His thread hasn’t gotten many replies, either.

Sounds just like what has made the DHS/TSA as successful as it is, and so darn good at their job.

I wish he’d just stop posting, period.

I would just like a mod ruling on whether he is going to be allowed to continue to post these “I’m talking about children but I’m not overtly mentioning pedophila, tee-hee, aren’t I a stinker?” threads, so I know whether I have to put him back on my ignore list or not.


This will be addressed in Cesario’s thread. I’m closing this one.

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