CFL: Lady in Saskatchewan just became a millionaire!

Safeway is a sponsor for the CFL on TSN. One of their promotions is that if you shop there, your name is entered in a draw for each game.

If your name is drawn before the game, you’re eligible to win groceries for a day, if a kick-off is returned for a touchdown.

Tonight, the Riders are playing the RedBlack. Opening kickoff to the Riders: and it gets run back for a toudchdown! A lady in Indian Head, Sask just won groceries for a year!

But it gets better: if a second kickoff is run in for a touchdown, she wins a million $$$.

Kickoff to the Riders in the third quarter: and a Rider fields it. Zigs and zags for a TD!

Someone in Indian Head is very happy tonight!

Now that’s cool! She should send thank-you cards to those kick returners. :smiley:

I am sort of surprised that it doesn’t happen more often in the CFL. The giveaway was from Safeway, correct? They only have stores in the west, and that may be part of it.

Does she get a million in cash(minus taxes), or are they giving her something like $50,000 a year for 20 years?

Haven’t heard. But no taxes on lottery winnings in Canada.

Actually, the second touchdown was a punt return and not a kickoff return so she didn’t get the million.


Thread title FAKE NEWS! :mad:

The MSM deceived me!!

It’s the 20-year option, that’s in the small print on screen if you can catch it.

But, as pointed out, the second one was a punt, so no joy. They actually made a big thing of this throughout the game, since the first return was literally the first play of the game.

Mundane trivia: Safeway Canada, while originally an extension of the California-headquartered Safeway, Inc (USA), was sold to Sobey’s in 2013 and is now a completely independent company from Safeway, Inc., though they still share the same name and logo.