CFL on TV in the Bay Area?

So my beloved Saskatchewan Roughriders have advanced to the Western Final by thrashing the Winnipeg Blue Bombers today, but residing near San Francisco, it’s understandably left me in a difficult spot to cheer them on. The sole American network to have TV rights for the CFL is The Football Network (out of Baton Rouge, apparently), which doesn’t appear to be available in my area (i’d get cable just for that, whatever it cost). The next likely alternative would be CBC on satelite (which would cost too much considering contracts even if it was available, considering I’m down here temporarily). Is anyone familiar with a sports bar in the SF Bay area (I’m willing to travel a fair distance if need be) that has either of these options?

Beats me, but it was a sweet game. Pity you didn’t get to see it. That Kenton Keith has some nifty lateral moves. :slight_smile:

Here’s to hoping for a repeat of '89!

We win for the first time in Calgary in 10 years, the first time in Winnpeg in 10 years… this seems an awful lot like fate! (and yes, the discovery of a running game doesn’t hurt). Damn, it’s looking like I’m going to have to spring for the crappy web radio feed.

I feel for you, Raygun99 - just got back from a six - hour bus trip to Winnipeg, and we’ve already booked for Edmonton next week. One more win, and we get to see the Riders as the home team at Taylor Field!

I still can’t believe Winnipeg couldn’t sell out their stadium for a play-off game.