Can you get American satellite TV services in Canada?

I’m going to be moving to Edmonton, AB for a while, and I really really don’t want to miss out on the NFL football season. While I’m there, can I get a service like directv that carries an NFL package? Is there any local Canadian provider that would carry all of the NFL football games?

Is the NFL watched at all in Canada? Would it be possible to find a bar (with a better satellite system, I guess) where I might find games?

If you have DirecTV now, and aren’t going to change the address on your credit card, just take your system with you. Otherwise, you can’t get DirecTV in Canada. And no, you don’t need a land line – we’ve not had one since November.

I don’t have a directv system now, but I suppose I could get one. So as long as I had the equipment - the signal would come through alright? I don’t know much about satellite TV, but I’d imagine they have limited coverage areas.

Don’t know much about DirecTV but…

Certain US satellite or cable stations are available here in Canada on local cable or satellite providers… those that meet with the CRTC’s approval. (Our telecom regulations board.)

Yes, there are a lot of canadians who watch NFL football. Some games are even carried on local broadcast canadian channels. :wink: Just did a little quick research and my cable company’s website has an ‘NFL sunday ticket’ that… “puts you on the sidelines of up to 14 games every Sunday afternoon of the Regular Season.” (Doesn’t say what, if anything, is available for the rest of the week.) :smiley:

Canadian satellite services all have the juicy NFL packages. Bars will carry all your games. You don’t have to miss a second of the action.

Canadians watch FAR more NFL football than they do CFL football. No contest.

I live in Edmonton. Here is a link to the Shaw cable channel line up:

You will notice not only the Major american networks but also 15 Pay per view channels devoute to the NFL.

I don’t have satellite myself but I assume Bell express offer simular services.

Excellent - I can get shaw cable and use their PPV service. That makes things easier than I expected, great. Any idea what it costs to watch a football game on PPV?

PPV boxes also restrict you from recording, right? Actually… would I need special equipment or does that come with the digital cable box?

Not into foot ball myself so I never order but all I do know all you need is the digital cable box. Also You can record PPV i belive.