What Channel (network) carrying NFL game tonight?

It’s not in the paper and can’t find it on Cable search

NFL network.

Oh. So that’s why I can’t find it. I don’t get NFL Network.

Thanks Darth.

Unless you’re in the local viewing area for Denver or Cleveland…then it should be shown on your local affiliate.

And if not, then e-mail Arlen Specter.

I have Charter Cable. Could you please name a network - NBC, CBS ABC, Fox Sports, ESPN, etc. ?

In NYC, local viewing of NFL Network games is usually on “MyNetworkTV”, a Fox affiliate.

Are you in/near either Denver or Cleveland? I’m not familiar with Charter, but their web site doesn’t list any of the main zip codes for either of those cities as being in their available area.

If you’re not in the local viewing area, you can still catch the game online: http://www.nfl.com/live/

I’m in CT. My Charter Cable is in Newtown CT.

I am beginning to think the game’s on The Dish, Not Charter.