CGI Script for voting, where to go to ask?

Hey, anyone know a good message board where I can ask the following question:

Of all the many survey/voting scripts available out there, which one allows for easy customization, blocks double voting, logs actions, and works on UNIX?

If it was a MAC question, I would go to But I don’t know where to go for questions likethis.



I assume you mean a PERL script. There are an absolute ton of voting scripts out there. Check out htt:// My friend uses the one at Also check out for FAQs, message boards, mailing lists etc.

Also try

Or pay me big $$$ to write a custom one for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Tret, I appreciate the input. I’ve been looking at them, and I was kinda hoping that someone could just tell me which one had what I wanted…i’ll keep looking.


Friedo: How big? And how fast? We’ve budgeted $300.

Stoid, if you really want to pay $300 for something, I’ll do anything you need short of sexual favors. But I’m sure you can get what you need for free at one of the above sites; it’s a matter of sifting through what’s out there.

(PS: If you really are looking to hire someone, email me. :slight_smile: )

Another possibility is if none of the available scripts or match exactly, but are close what you generally are given permission to alter them to fit your needs. So you could find one that is close to your needs, buy it (if it isn’t free), and pay friedo (or any PERL programmer) to make the necessary changes.

Try free, excellent & you can customize it & they do all the code for you with one click. Or just search the net for free polling scripts.