Chag Samech - Happy New Year

To my fellow Members of the Tribe, to a sweet and healthy year!

L’shana Tova!

And here’s another Rosh Hashanah well-wisher:

Another nonpracticer weighing in. May 5782 be kind to all!

Sweetness! We need a year of sweetness for all!

Yet another non-practicing and non-believing. And this one’s guilt-free. Damn, is it 5782 already?

Thankfully, this thread reminded me to send an email off to abba wishing him well (practicing, but reform) and the swarm of my extended Israeli kin (many many cousins and their kids). I am now in good standing to return to my normal, guilt ridden, non practicing existence as I make green chile cheeseburgers for the holiday (no bacon though).

A happy new year to the tribe, may it be better than the last, a phrase that has been repeated for the last 4, and the first that looks like it has a chance of success!

L’Shana Tova!

Happy new year!

Happy 5782!!

::: throws confetti :::

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Shana Tova, Y’all ! Have a meaningful & safe High Holy Day!

Happy new year!

Merging to very similar threads. Wishing everyone a sweet and healthy new year.

I just got off my congregation’s zoom feed from the hybrid service. The times they are a changing. They did a decent job running a hybrid service, all things considered.

Thanks, and same to you all!

I am decidedly non-practicing, but my wife does. I’m away visiting family (my non-practicing father, who is non-religious for very different reasons than me), while she’s stuck at home with an injured back (basically semi-bedridden since Passover . . . long story). She was able to make herself a meal for tonight (and we ordered challah and rugelach from a local shop) and zoomed with temple.

Before we were together I had never done anything for the new year holidays. Now I at least value our practice at home as a moment of reflection for us together, and I kind of miss it being away.

I watched mine on YouTube. Last year it was zoom. I sure hope next year it’s in person.

L’shana tovah to all. I hope it’s a sweet(er) year.

And to you.

We had a little bit of participation from the folks on zoom. Which makes it a little nicer than YouTube, to me.

My frustration with Zoom is that the only thing I have that’s Zoom-capable in my Kindle Fire, and it being several years old doesn’t handle the video well. My phone is too small, and my desktop computer doesn’t have a camera or microphone (didn’t include them when I assembled it). I have a headset I can plug in, and watch other people, but no one can see me.

Also, my work schedule can make it hard to be available for Zooming.

I “go” to services vicariously, usually on YouTube or Facebook live.

Tell me about it. And I’m gonna be writing “5781” on my checks for weeks still.

JK - I don’t write checks anymore