Chaining your child to crib for safety?!? Hello?

Thank heavens for those firefighters.

Mom used to tie my ankle to the crib with a nylon stocking. If she hadn’t, I would not have survived to adulthood; at the age of three, I would escape when she wasn’t looking and take long walks blocks away from the house. Does this make her a bad parent?

“(The parents) did not have the mental capacity to know that they were being reckless.”

Were the parents mentally disabled in some way?

Why didn’t she just lock the doors or use those gates? My little brothers used to escape from their cribs all the times, but we would never concieve of tying them into it.

Locking the bedroom doors is a bad idea. In case of a fire, they can be hard to unlock. And my two-year-old can (and will) climb over a baby gate in nothing flat.

Not that I condone chaining a baby to a crib, but still.


The only thing I find suspicious is that the couple claimed " … that they could not free the girl." If the fire fighter broke the chain with his hands I would imagine a parent surging with adrenaline during the fire should have been able to do the same. Maybe they do lack some mental capacity, or maybe they are just evil.

My son was a great escape artist - it just meant I had to watch him closely. Some kids are just higher maintenance than others. I can not imagine tying/chaining my child to his bed.

There’s no need to tie or chain a child to a crib. They make these nifty things that keep kids from opening their doors, without having to lock them.
Plus their child was four years old, imo too old to be in a crib. It sounds to me like they didn’t want to be bothered with actually paying attention to her.

Fear Itself I’m sure your mother was doing the best she could. My parents used to put me in a moses basket on the floor of the car, as safety seats weren’t readily available then. A lot of the things parents did in years past have safer solutions now, thank og.

Pfeh! Amateurs! Any serious baby jailbreaker knows that you take the crib with you, because then you’re almost tall enough to hit light switches and stuff!

My crib was on casters. I did not move easily, but I was a wirey and really strong baby. So if I could reach any other heavy furniture, like my dresser, I could drag my entire crib around the room. I used to get it so the corner would stick out my bedroom door so I was essentially “standing in the hallway” watching my mom down the hall in the kitchen.

But chaining a kid to a crib? That is pretty bonkers. The picture showed a little padlock and everything.

My brother used to “hop” his crib…he’d hold onto the railing while he was inside it and jump it around the room. He did it once while the door was closed and wedged it up against the door so my mom could’t get inside. He was a brute.

I was the escape artist. I would stand up on the end of the crib and leap out. My mom used to put me in one of those “bag”-type sleepers that don’t have feet - they just tie at the bottom. Then, after I was inside the thing, she’d tie my legs together. I’d still leap out. She thought I was going to kill myself. My son is showing signs of this insanity. I don’t chain him to anything, though.