Won't someone think of the children?


““He ran right away and hugged one of the officers and looked at the chains like they were evil,” Arteaga said.”

"A 10-foot (3-meter) chain was wrapped three times around the boy’s neck and held in place by a padlock when he was found Saturday in a South Side home.

"“When we pulled the cover off him, we saw the chains. They were pretty tight,” said Officer Oscar Arteaga. “If he fell off the bed, he could have choked.”

“His foster mother, Mary Bryant, 64, said the boy was chained because he stole food, according to police.”

Think. **Think. *Think. Think. Think.


It’s really not that goddamn hard. “Hmm, maybe chaining this boy to the bed is not such a good idea. I know!” And even “Instead of neglecting my son I’ll treat him the way I’d like him to treat me if he were raising me!”

One of my ancestors, John Tillotson (second cousin to the John Tillotson, the Archbishop of Canturbury in the late-1600s) was admonished by the church (in what is now the U.S.) for chaining his wife to the bed to keep her indoors. Considering the position of his cousin, and the number of ministers on that side of the family throughout the years (primarily in the 1800s), I find that amusing. (Erm… my ancestor; not the OP!)

The reason the kid was chained to the bed was that he was stealing food and was interrupting the foster parents home based drug business.

I bet it sucked when he had to pee.

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