Chamber Pop recommendations?

What music do you recommend I listen to in the genre known as Chamber Pop? I love nearly everything I have heard that is produced by Van Dyke Parks. In particular, I enjoy listening to the work he did with Sam Phillips on The Indescribable Wow, and with Rufus Wainwright on Poses.

Another long-time favorite is ** The Dream Academy’s song, Life in a Northern Town**

Your recommendations, please.

Ooh. I love me some Rufus. Not exactly the same, because they’re all unique, but Mercury Rev, The Flaming Lips, Spiritualized, The Beta Band, are all what I’ve heard called “Orch Rock”–Orchestral rock. Extremely densely melodic, but often with dark lyrics.

If you like Van Dyke Parks, the BEST stuff he ever did, in my opinion, was his work on Victoria Williams first three albums. They’re all really masterpieces: her swampy, dolly-partony voice, huge visionary gothic story songs, and Parks’s orchestrations are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Even more unique than Rufus.

There’s a lot more, I’ll try to think of them.

Well… if you like Van Dyke Parks, he produced some of the tracks on Silverchair’s latest album Diorama. But… it’s Silverchair.

From memory, I know he worked on Across The Night and Luv Your Life, so you could check those out. I wasn’t overly impressed though, I thought they sounded way too scholcky and overproduced (I like Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, The Beta Band and Sam Phillips though). I don’t know, maybe you’ll like it.

Anything by The Pernice Brothers or The Divine Comedy ought to fill the bill quite nicely

Chris W