Champion-of-Truth and his "sources"

In the “Muslim Marvelousnous” thread Champion-of-Truth has been spending lots of time alternating telling people how much he hates Muslims, hurl insults at other posters, and insist that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and not eligible to be President of the US.

At one point, after it was pointed out that Obama had produced his “Certification of Live Birth” and made this public and that this was what the Hawaiian government sends out when people request a birth certificate and that it is accepted by the State Department for the purpose of getting a passport and that this was confirmed by CNN he started spouting off that this was wrong claiming.

When asked to produce his “cite” for this since we couldn’t find any such statements on the Hawaiian government’s state website and it was contradicted by CNN, he reacted with extremely hostility spewing forth several pages worth of personal attacks at other posters and repeatedly refusing to say where he’d gotten it but still insisting that he’d proven that the COLB did not have the same legitimacy as a birth certificate for getting driver’s licenses or passports.

Well, I decided to type ““The Certification of Live Birth is a legal document, but it is TOTALLY INADEQUATE when it comes to proving an individual was born in Hawaii” into google to find out if it really had come from a government website or not and it turns out it actually comes from a weird right-wing blog. He’d done such a lazy cut & paste job he kept the “TOTALLY INADEQUATE” in caps whcih certainly wouldn’t have been on any government website.

Here is the blog post he ripped off, dated May 9, 2009.

As you can see it also contained the quote he claimed came from the Hawaii Department of Homelands and not only did he do such a lazy cut & paste job that he copied from Golbarb’s blog her explanation of producing the DHHL documents, “The Hawaii Department of Homelands, which administers programs to encourage property ownership for native Hawaiians states the following on its website.”

Now, it gets better.

If you read the comments, you’ll notice that Nancy Goldfarb(the blogger he plagiarized) gets into a huge fight with one of the commenters who points out that links to the DHHL website don’t say what she claims it says. At first she claims that the commenter didn’t read far enough, but later she declares that the State of Hawaii had edited their websites to destroy the evidence that they didn’t acknowledge the validity of the COLB in response to her blogpost. She gave no explanation as to why the State of Hawaii would be so terrified of this unknown blogger who’d been to lazy to even provide links to the websites she claimed she was quoting from.

Also, when you take a look at Nancy Goldfarb and start reading various parts of her blog, you’ll find that she’s hardly a reliable source. She claims to be “a biomedical scientist and absolute genius with IQ 188” but she apparently thinks that Bill Ayers is spelled “Ayres”, refers to Sirhah Sirhan as “the young Muslim male” who murdered RFK despite the fact that Sirhan was a Christian and claims that gay people suffer from a mental condition, should be called “queer” not “gay” and claims that Sarah Palin’s church was burned down by gay terrorists and that the only reason that the American Psychiatric Association stopped classifying gay people as suffering from a mental disorder was because "the faggots dressed up in masks and costumes to terrorize the Convention of the Psychiatric Society until they forgot and rejected the science, and made it illegal for any psychiatrist to treat a patient with homosexuality as a disease."

In fact, when observing Rachel Goldfarb’s style of posting, hurling various insults at commenters on her blog, getting caught claiming that she was citing government websites she wasn’t citing and having extreme antipathy towards not only Muslims but gays, she seems to have more than a little in common with Champion.

If you go to the “Muslim Marvelousnous” thread you’ll notice he has a complete meltdown when Anderson Cooper is mentioned and immediately starts behaving much like a monkey hurling poo through its cage(hat-tip Fear Itself) and seems to imply that he’s convinced Anderson Cooper is gay and that’s why he doesn’t like him.

Anyway, regardless of whether or not the similarities between Rachel Goldfarb and Champion are mere coincidence or not, he’s been proven to be a liar as well as both a bigot and a birther.

Coincidental. Anyone here remember… Ted Koppel?

Champion is such an obvious troll, I have to say that he’s not even really worth pitting. My judgment: meh.


And here’s the punch line: it was a comment on Newsbusters. Basicly, some guy on Newsbusters.

Ibn Warraq, you still need a course in reading comprehension. I did not, as you put it:

“insist that Barack Obama was born in Kenya”

I said we have no idea where he was born, since we have not seen his long form birth certificate. I did point out that some of his relatives insist he was born in Kenya, but that doesn’t prove anything. Which is why we need a true, long form certificate of birth.

See, you’re pulling a typical liberal stunt of attributing something to me that I never said.

I also explained earlier that the Hawaii Dept. of Health changed their website in response to the eligibility issue in 2009 or 2010 and scrubbed the parts that said the COLB was not considered adequate for proving native (Hawaiian) birth or for other reasons.

It’s disturbing how idiot sheeple liberals like yourself are so willing to believe anything that is fed to you without question. Why won’t Obama release his long form birth certificate? Why has he spent $2 MILLION dollars to suppress a $10 piece of paper? Why has he sealed his passport records, his school records, his birth certificate, his Harvard papers, his adoption papers, and everything else about his past when he ran on a platform of “transparency”?

Why will no hospital claim to be his official place of birth? Why was it changed from one hospital to another as I posted in the other thread? Why do his relative insist he was born in Kenya? Why did the Kenyan ambassador make the same claim (I believe it was the ambasssador…it was some government official)? Why are even his allies such as Abercrombie admitting that the birth certificate does not exist? Why is Factcheck and other pro-Obama lackeys claiming to have seen, touched, and examined the ORIGINAL birth certificate in 2009 and 2010 when Hawaii claims it was destroyed in 2001?

Why is it that there is no record of Obama Sr. and Obama’s mama living together as man and wife? Why did she leave for Seattle within 3 weeks of Obama’s birth and leave Obama Sr. behind?

Why is Obama using a Social Security number registered originally to a man born in 1890 and registered in a state (Connecticut) where he did not live or even have any record of visiting?

If you’re so blind and stupid not to see something fishy going on, they you’re a pathetic excuse for a citizen.

Why do you continue spouting unsupported fact as gospel truth?

If you’re so blind and stupid as to be so easily manipulated, then you’re a pathetic excuse for a citizen.

Inner Stickler wrote:

PROVE ME WRONG, dumb-ass! CITE! As you love to say. Show me where what I claimed is not true.

Champion-of-Truth is a blood-drinking, shape-shifting reptilian from Alpha Draconis. PROVE ME WRONG!

I don’t need to. The legwork is incumbent on the one who makes the claim. Plus, I’ve researched the issue of Obama’s birthplace adequately enough to be satisfied that it is legitimate. I also have more than half a synapse to work with, which I can only conclude is the problem you’re facing.

But see, I’ve already cited my sources. No one yet has been willing to even attempt to refute them, outside of lame accusations of “right wing nut site” stupidity.

Inner Stickler wrote:

You’re neither very demanding nor very intelligent then. :rolleyes:

You keep insisting that the State of Hawaii scrubbed stuff off of their website. Prove this.

(I’ll even help you. There’s a thing called the internet wayback machine.)

Yeah, because everything put on the web is the God’s honest truth…

Use reputable websites, and someone might listen to you.

TravisFromOr wrote:

Prove my websites are disreputable. You, like the others, talk the talk but refuse to walk the walk. Prove that WND is a disreputable site. And I don’t mean by quoting some liberal rag that says “WND is a right wing nut site”. I mean, prove that their research is disreputable and false. Put up or shut the fuck up.

Ahh, the “liberal rag” defense. Classic.

I asked you to prove that the State of Hawaii mothballed their site. I even gave you the tool to do so.

Sir, I am asking you to either 1) put up, or 2) shut the hell up.

Also, I am far from being a liberal. You’re just a moron who gives conservatives a bad name.

The weird thing about Champion of Truth is that he only infests the Pit. Even far right racist morons sometimes go post in GD, him (or her?) prefers to waddle in the mud pit.
Maybe because insulting anyone that can outwit him (and here we go from anyone to everyone) is forbidden in the other forums?

Actually no.

Champion-of-Truth is really Rachel Goldfarb!


House majority

Champion-of-Truth is Anderson Cooper!

I mean, why not? Anyway, I’m vaguely surprised anyone is bothering to argue with someone whose approach is indistnguishable from a six year-old’s - he picks some trivial element out of his opponents’ claims and crows victoriously about them over and over:

A: … surely the president has the duty to -
A: What I said was that-
goto 10

All of the above is based on an assumption the Champion of Truth is that guy who was going on and on about Anderson Cooper’s value as a cite. I admit the possibilty I’ve confused him with someone else, because I don’t feel like looking up the relevant thread.