Change a Game By Changing One Letter

As the title implies - change your favourite video game, RPG, or board game to something totally different by adding, subtracting, or changing one letter.

For instance, Plants Vs. Zombies could become…

Plants V. Zombies: rather than fighting it out tower defense-style, you must take over this in-depth RPG as the attorney for one side or the other as they engage in a protracted legal battle over rightful ownership of the house. (And the owner’s brains.)

Battleshit. Take turns trying to sink each other’s poo.

Mouse Tramp - Experience the United States as a homeless, train-riding rodent.
The Settlers of Satan - Players take control of competing cults in a small mid-western community. Collect points by recruiting converts and sacrificing kidnapped children.
Gay Day - A Twister variant.

Angry Bards: pigs tick off sensitive poets, who get revenge by writing some VERY nasty sonnets.

Donkey Bong: Mario decides to let the Gorilla have the girl, then spends the afternoon puffing and listening to Pink Floyd.

If you can change one letter and slightly rearrange them the game of Life can be the game of Milf.

The Bitcher: Geralt of Rivia doesn’t kill anything, he just complains a lot.
RioShock: Use plasmids to battle splicers in Brazil.

Chrono Tigger - time travel in the Hundred Acre Wood, with a silent, but very bouncy, protagonist.

Fragger - An amphibian gets mad while trying to cross the street, and blows everything the hell up.

Soup Caliber - Over a dozen chefs fight to the death over the ultimate ladle.

Pap Ranch - Grow an exciting array of grandfathers on your own plot of land

City of Zeroes: The world’s first MMORPG where you can play as completely boring, inept and meaningless people.

Stare Control II: Try to outstare your computer.

Lechwarrior 3: Let’s just say it’s a game best played in private.

Ass Effect: See above.


LOOM: play as a clothweaver
oh wait…

Can I add a space instead of changing a letter?

Cry Sis

This Sims expansion acclaimed for its realism turns adolescent boys into holy terrors that spend their time making their sisters cry.

SimDarth: Famed Maxis game in which you attempt to build a working life support system for Darth Vader. Don’t let the midichlorians escape!

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Assassin’s Creep 2: Follow the adventurers of lecherous, groping bastard Ezio Auditore in his quest to murder people for money and manhandle women.

The Legend of Helda: Join a strapping Valkyrie as she tries to cart the soul of a small elf-boy named Link off to Valhalla.

Baldur’s Mate: Play the most incredible chess game ever, featuring wizards, warriors, and thieves! Can you crush Sarevok’s pawns and end hsin schemes forever?

Icewind Dare: Are you MAN enough to streak past angry orcs in the arctic?

Stace Marine: Stacey Jenkins has been abducted, stuck into some power aromr, and sent to fight legions of the damned. Watch as she fights off enemies with her cellphone, curling irons, and hairspray. Will she be back in time for the prom?

RIPT: Get pumped! In this ultimate MMO, perform tasks like doing 600 situps so that that tommorow you can do 601 situps! The excitement never ends!

Speaking of which, this one might just possible maybe mightabeen made.

(Remember kids, be careful about what links you click…)

Super Mario Bros. is now Super Mario Bras.

Pong is now Dong.

Just use your imagination.

Bac-Man has your back, man.

Going way back to the 80’s, we could have The Bard’s Ale.

A drinking game, best played with a bottle of vodka nearby.

I suppose if you wanted to play all three you could use Vodka, Tequila and Rum!

Words with Fiends / Swords with Friends – not recommended.

Change a Name By Changing One Letter: You take the names of famous persons, change any letter within them, with humorous results.

Raperboy - the most controversial arcade game in history…

…or at least it was until Cuntipede.

ETA: I’m going to hell.