Changed my user name (DeniseV)

Just a formal notice, since I told TubaDiva that I’d do this too, that I’ve changed my user name from DeniseV.

Contrary to what my registry date says, I’ve actually been around a lot longer. I’ve been lurking on and off for at least a year, often wanting to post something but never really wanting to register to do so, or not being able to come up with a decent username. Well, finally I still wasn’t able to come up with a good one, but I registered and posted anyway, and I’ve been participating ever since.

A new username, one that I liked better, finally occurred to me, and I got the official change-over today. I picked the name because I own ferrets as pets, and because “ferret herding” is rather like the concept of “cat herding” - pretty fruitless, but much more frantic due to the hyperactivity of ferrets. That feeling fits my life pretty closely at times, plus I like the humorous mental image.

And in light of the Thanksgiving holiday and the passing of one of our members, thanks to everyone who contributes to this board and makes it interesting to read, and thank you to those who I’ve corresponded with off-board and/or who’ve touched my heart in some fashion. This can be quite a challenging and even frustrating place, but it’s definitely been worthwhile for me.

:eek: Who died? I didn’t get the memo. :frowning:

This thread here, Blackeyes, and th’ sticky thread at th’ top of the forum.

Oh. Now I find out.

Best of luck to ya and your new Username, Ferrit Herder, and apologies for damping the mood of the thread.

I like the new name, and my two fuzzies offer you ferret kisses and a game of “Where Did We Put Your Shoes This Time?”


BTW, I love your new nick, Ferret Herder. Reminds me of Monty Python, Blackadder stuff. Very cool! :slight_smile:

Like the name change. I did that myself awhile back. I was originally Topaz Antares. Thinking of changing again just to simplify down to Flutterby


Gotta love Sluggy - I really want a stuffed Kiki for Christmas. :slight_smile:

I noticed something in my first post in the thread - I was around for at least a year before I first posted, not a year from now.