Changes in the way I live

I wonder – does iced tea count towards the water quota? I drink iced tea all the time, and I easily consume 1½ gallons a day. Sure, I make frequent pitstops, but that’s the price one pays (it could be worse – I drink decaffeinated tea).


Um, I don’t believe so, Baloo. Tea’s, like coffee and soda, are diruetics. Which mean that they actually help dehydrate you, I seem to recall that three glasses of water was equivelent to one cup of coffee or something similar.

Is decaffienated tea diuretic also? I’ve just about given up on caffienated beverages. I’m not a dessicated fossil, but I seem to be more prone to sleepless nights if I have any caffiene at all these days, whereas before I could slug down several urns of the stuff and sleep quite soundly (between somnambulent trips to the bathroom :D).

Often I bring about a half gallon of decaf iced tea to work, finish it in about 2-3 hours, then drink about ¾ gallon of water (I like to keep very well-hydrated – it’s hot and dry up on that mesa).


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Healthcentral is a good source for medical info.


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Baloo, Narile is right, coffee and tea do not count. I don’t know about decafe, since I won’t drink it. Herbal tea does count.

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Sailor, Thanks for the link. I have that site bookmarked in my favotites Hep C folder.

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But guys I don’t want this to be an Ayesha rocks thread (y’all know that I know I rock already, and the LIONsob is starting to bitch about how big y’all are making my
head :wink: ). I wanted a thread to help fight ignorance about what this does to people’s lifestyles. Ask a question, come on, please. Let me feel useful, I like it.

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Awwwww, crap! I know my HMO ain’t gonna cover this.

Thanks for sharing, Ayesha. My hubby works as an electrician for the county in the local prison. (no, he’s not an inmate, dammit.) All workers there have to get all sorts of innoculations and it frightens me to think of him being exposed to all those things the inmates bring in. All I know is that he is very careful, thank God. Anyway, I just want to say that if you every need anything at all, just drop me a line. That goes for any of you, really. I always try to be available for anyone in need, even if all I can offer is an ear and a hug. So, {{{{{Ayesha}}}}

Oh, and by the way, be careful of herbal teas, folks. I’ve been warned that a few of them have diuretic properties as well…not sure which, 'cause I haven’t done the research myself, but chamomile was mentioned…I think…


Hubby should be VERY careful, a lot of prisoners have Hep, and verious other nastys. Not all. But a lot. The reason is because many of them were IV drug users and then there are the jailhouse tattoos, the equipment is used over and over.
Thanks for the hug. And you are right about some herbal teas.

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I learned recently that a teenage friend of mine who is a gymnast was sharing the clippers that she uses to trim tears. These are ragged rips of skin on the hand. I explained to her how this could transmit all sorts of nasties including hepatitis. I hope she is more careful.

Hepatitis is a fairly hardly virus, much more so than HIV. It is really scary that most people are unaware of the dangers of blood born pathogens, or take an “it can’t happen to me attitude.” I first learned about the dangers when i began work at a hospital.

Ayesha, I wish you the best. I hope the new treatments work.

Thanks for the info Ayesha.
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