Psssst, Gr8Kat, come here, please

Thank you for your kind words
to me about the Hep. C thing. It means alot to me.

I just want you to know that.

I am doing well on the treatment, the virus is in remission.

If anyone reading this is going to the Houston get togeather this weekend, please don’t be afraid, unless we share a needle, or get tattoed with the same needle, or beome blood brothers, you will not get this from me. (sorry, but the hardest thing to deal with at times is peoples ignorance)

Thanks again Gr8Kat, I felt the hug your heart sent .

Ayesha - Lioness

You sound reasonable. Must be time to up my medication.

Okay, nothing to see here…

Yer pal,

I have a friend with Hep C… but as he is a formerly convicted drug dealer, IV drug user, sexually promiscuous, and also dirt poor and living off state money… I doubt he’s gonna get much treatment :frowning:

O p a l C a t

Ayesha: I didn’t know about your condition. I’m sorry for it, but I’m glad it’s in remission.

Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday. :slight_smile:

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Hi everyone,
Satan, you are right,there is nothing to see here. I just didn’t feel right saying thanks in the pit.

I am so sorry about your friend :frowning: . If he is getting federal or state funds, he should look into Medicade/Medicare,
or going to the clinics run by many county hospitals. Believe me, the only reason I have been able to get the treatment I have is because we have fairly good insurance through The Lion’s job.

I don’t care how he got it, he deserves the chance to be treated. Hell we aren’t even sure how I got it ! Most likely from a tattoo needle that wasn’t sterilized (sp ? )or a drug needle from one of the few times I tried that when I was young. I just never had good veins, and I’m glad, or I would have been a permanate junkie. I know I haven’t given it to Lion or cub, it can be transmitted sexually, but that seems to be one of the rarest ways

:slight_smile: , Thanks, I’m looking forward to you seeing me too :wink: .

Ayesha - Lioness

You sound reasonable. Must be time to up my medication.

Oh wait, that sounded bad, I don’t want people to think I have sex with my cub ! We don’t know how long I have had this, I just ment that he hasn’t gotten it from me while I was carrying him, nor in the 18 years I have raised him.

There, I feel better now.

Ugh, please can’t we have an edit button, please ?

Yeah, good move on that retraction, Ayesha. We don’t want ColdFire coming in here and demanding an explanation for your incestious behavior.


You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I’m sorry I won’t be at the Houston get-together (or any get-togethers, unless someone wants to put one together in Oregon?), but I wish I could.

My dad died because of Hepatitis C in 1997. We have no idea where he got it from; when he was diagnosed in 1991, the doctor said then it was so far advanced he could have had it as long as 15 years. At the time, I’d never heard of it, but since then it seems to be cropping up everywhere. One of my cousins has it, so does the wife of one of my co-workers, there’s even a workers’ comp. claim for the Board for a Hep. C infection–the claimant worked in a used car lot and was cleaning out a car when he was stuck with a dirty needle that he didn’t see in time.

Anyway, I’m very glad it’s in remission. Has your doctor talked about a liver transplant? It was discussed for my dad, but because he had MD, too, he was judged to be too poor of a risk. Anyway, remembering this is depressing as hell. I justed wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about you and The Lion. Group Hug!

“I hope life isn’t a big joke, because I don’t get it,” Jack Handy

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I meant to say, “there’s a workers’ comp. claim BEFORE the Board” – I work for the Workers’ Compensation Board, we do judgements on WC claims, blah blah blah, I’m shutting up now.

Take care!

“I hope life isn’t a big joke, because I don’t get it,” Jack Handy

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I am so so sorry to hear about your dad !

There has been no talk of transplant yet. I get off the interferon at the end of December, yah ! I will have 2 full years on it then. After that it’s a wait and see if it shows back up.

I doubt my insurance would pay for a transplant. Oh well.

This disease is not one Dotors test for often, they only tested me for it because
my liver ounts were screwed up. This has started becoming a very common thing. I urge everyone to ask for the test when they have a check-up. Better safe than sorry.

Now just to make you smile (please)-
Some good things about having Hep C. for me have been-

I was finally able to get my son to stop drinking out of my glass.

I an always threaten to bleed on someone if they tick me off too badly.

I know, I’m a sicko, but damn it I spent the first few months crying after I found out, now I try to laugh if I can.

Well it’s time for my shot, oh goody. Only a few more weeks.

Please don’t be sad anymore.

Ayesha - Lioness

You sound reasonable. Must be time to up my medication.