Changing a movie's title for a foreign audience?

It’s a scientific fact that Maradona AND Messi where born here, QED.

True that.
And they both played for Barça.

Wait – there’s an “American Beauty” rose? So the title is has a double meaning of sorts? Is this common knowledge? I’m not sure I know the name of any rose cultivars.

It’s at least well-known enough to have a Grateful Dead album named after it.

I know the film (and the iconic picture of the naked whatshername covered in red roses, though I never saw the movie) and I know the Grateful Dead album and like it very much, but I never knew that it was the name of a sort of rose.

In 1998, the New York Times published an article about funny movie translations around the world. It turned out that nine of the ‘translations’ were actually from a spoof website, including:

The Cantonese title for ‘‘Leaving Las Vegas’’ translates to ‘‘I’m Drunk and You’re a Prostitute.’’ ‘‘Field of Dreams’’ was '‘Imaginary Dead Baseball Players Live in My Cornfield.’


But there’s no arguing with the Chinese take on ‘‘Babe’’: ‘‘The Happy Dumpling-To-Be Who Talks and Solves Agricultural Problems.’’ Or ‘‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’’: ‘‘Help! My Pretend Boyfriend Is Gay.’’ Or ‘‘George of the Jungle’’: ‘‘Big Dumb Monkey Man Keeps Whacking Tree With Genitals.’’ Or even ‘‘Batman and Robin’’: ‘‘Come to My Cave and Wear this Rubber Codpiece, Cute Boy.’’

Whenever Leaving Las Vegas is mentioned anwhere, I can’t help but think I’m Drunk and You’re a Prostitute.

I read about the change in this book about 25 years ago:

It seems to me that the Russian title was originally Amerikanskaya krasavitsa and then changed to Krasota po-amerikanski, the former indicating a beautiful woman. But that just might be my mind playing tricks on me.

Same boat, man. That’s a clever title, actually, linking to the rose imagery in the movie. Too clever, maybe.

As far as I can tell, the Bond film (and Gardner’s novelisation) is titled Licence To Kill in the US as well as the UK. License to Kill seems to be a Denzel Washington movie.

1984 TV Movie

Never heard of that film, but it may have been more aptly titled License Revoked. The plot revolves around a drunk driver who causes a fatality and tries to avoid punishment.

I went to see the movie “Alive!” in Guatemala. The title there was "Superviviantes de Los Andes.

Note, Cal got it the wrong way round. Gardner’s books were Licence to Kill and License Renewed

Ah, thanks – that makes more sense. Though the book was Licence Renewed in the UK, of course.

But was there ever a UK release of License to Drive?

The original 1960s “Avengers” TV series was called “Chapeau melon et bottes de cuir” (bowler hat and leather boots) in French.

That is a good one! It was “Mit Schirm, Charme und Melone” in German. Literally: With umbrella, charm and bowler hat.
Just wikilearned that it was Rewolwer i melonik in Polish; it seems the bowler hat impressed the translators!