Changing a sender's name in gmail?

Is there a way to change a sender’s name on received email in gmail? I’m putting all job search stuff in its own folder but I’d like to quickly see what type of job each is for. So instead of saying Jane Doe, it might say Weld Fabricator. I looked around a bit but couldn’t find anything and figured this would be a lot faster anyway. Hopefully you’ll all know what I’m trying to do. As always, thanks in advance.

All I can think of is to resend the mail to yourself and change the subject to be what you want.

Then take the mails and sort them into folders as you want.

There are ways to spoof the e-mail headers but no way I know of to change the headers on a mail already received.

Alternatively cut & paste into a Word document then save each with info in the file name that does what you want.

It’s unnecessary to change the actual sender name. Just apply a “label” of Weld Fabricator. Each email can have more than one label and they can be hierarchically arranged if that’s what you want (to emulate folders).

So you could have a “Job Apps” label and then some “Job Apps/Weld Fabricator”, “Job Apps/Line Cook”, “Job Apps/Professional Assassin”, etc. sub-labels.

Much better than my suggestion.

Although I wonder if even this is needlessly complex.

Why not just create folders (named as you like) and drag-and-drop mails where want them. If you are applying labels anyway drag-&-drop seems simpler

You can even automatically route mail to folders based on rules. Might get some wrong though doing that but it is possible (I think…I admit I am not familiar with GMail but it is possible in other mail programs).

Gmail doesn’t have “folders” per se, only labels, though labels can do most of what folders can and more. If you access Gmail using a third-party client (Outlook, Windows Live Mail, etc.), labels are in theory automatically mapped to folders in your client. How well this actually works in practice, I don’t know.

And yes, you can automatically label incoming messages based on rules.

You can also use labels with other parameters in advanced searches. At work, for example, I have one single search set up that looks for messages which are:
[li]Sent directly to me OR sent directly to my branch OR manually labeled for me[/li][li]Starred OR unread OR manually marked as high priority[/li][/ul]

Makes life a lot easier.

(never mind, the method I suggested didn’t work after all)