Changing domain name = reSEO?

I have a Blog site on which I’ve done a lot of work submitting to Digg and StumbleUpon and Mixx and and others … I change from the address to a .com address, and am wondering if I have basically lost all of my previous efforts at SEO?

The address still redirects to the .com address.

But the address not only saw 181 posts of material, but saw them over 1+ month of time. The .com address is starting out with those posts all at once, see what I mean? I’ve been submitting daily to Digg, etc., from the Blogspot address …

essentially, what’s the easiest way for me to “continue” my SEO and Social Networking submissions without starting from scratch with the new domain?

Check out this page for info on setting up a 301 redirect that switches your domain names. The linked page assumes you have an Apache (Linux) web server. Most people do…

Do you have a Google Webmaster account? Putting your new URL in there would really help speed the process along.