changing eye colors

it’s definately true that eyes can change color because mine do it often… i was born with cat’s eye green eyes but over a year or so they slowly changed between shades of green-yellow to yellow-red then settled on a browinsh color… but if you look closely at them they actually are a mix of different colors strands… but the best part is when i get either very stressed or very angry or emotional my eyes change color… back when i was 12 some kid slammed my head into a brick wall and instead of falling i just looked up and grabbed his face and dug some wholes in it with my finger-tips… i din’t fully remember it but i was told after the fact that when i did it and for awhile afterwards my eyes had changed to really bright green…tis a fun fun thing…

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My brother has two different eye colors, his right eye is green and his left is brown (or vica versa).

Not only do I have one green and one brown eye, I have met several other people who also do. Jane Seyour has this. Perhaps we could start a club.

Ha! I have you all beat! Apparently (according to friends, siblings, parents, girlfriends, etc who have looked at my eyes) my eyes change colour periodically. Not just from a light color to a dark color and back, but rather from Hazel to light blue. People ask me if I wear contacts, and although my sight is poor enough that I should, I do not. Odd, yes, but then again, that’s normal for me. :smiley:

I’m another case of variable eye color. My eyes change from hazel to bright green on a daily basis. I’ve never been able to put any pattern to it, according to mood, environment, whatever.

I’ve occasionally tried to find someone else that this happens to, but never have, until now.