Different colored eyes

I’ve heard of and seen people whose eyes apparently change color often, like with lighting or their mood even. Cecil didn’t address this so I was wondering if anyone else knows anything about it.

My eyes change color on a regular basis, ranging from bright blue to grey to bright green and back again. I actually sat in front of a mirror one day and watched it happen over a period of about 1/2 hour. I don’t know why it happens. The circumstances do not seem to be consistent.

I have two different coloured eyes, one blue and one brown. It was interesting reading that link to cecil’s comments, because I also have a twin brother,just struck me as strange. Anyway, I was never popped in the eye when I was younger, as David Bowie was, so it must be genetic in my case, although all my immediate family have blue eyes. A funny aside is, when I was younger, to make me feel comfortable with it my mom would tell me I had been blessed by the gods (<shrug>) But I never have felt uncomfortable.

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Nobody seems to have an explanation for eyes that change colors by mood.

The actress Jane Seymour, nee Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina
Frankenberg, has one blue eye and one brown eye. This can
be checked at the website http://www.janeseymour.org under