changing font sizes

I give up. I tried changing the font size in one of my messages, to no avail. I need help.

I tried: [font size=-2]blah blah blah[/font]
then: [font size=1]blah blah blah[/font]
then: [FONT SIZE=1]blah blah blah[/FONT]

heck, I even tried:
[font size=“1”]blah blah blah[/font]

Someone wanna help me out?
PS: I’m not having a 500 post party. Just FYI.

You can’t manipulate the font face or font size directly. (I’m still waiting for [font face=“symbol”], btw). There is a way to get a smaller type. Use the sub and sup tags (superscript and subscript) together. In the example, substitute [ and ] for < and >:

[sub][sup]This is the way[/sup][/sub]

[sub][sup]This is the way[/sup][/sub]. It seems to work better if you view it with Netscape Navigator than with MS Internet Explorer.

I wonder if [sup][sub]this will work[/sup][/sub]

        " **

[sub]test[/sub] test [sup]test[/sup]

and yes I know I’m only at 478 (now), I was giving a forward FYI, Smarty Sue :slight_smile:

[sub]damn higher math[/sub]
uh…make that 499

[sub]step[/sub]step[sup]step[/sup] [sup]Heaven[/sup]
Hey, a Stairway to Heaven!
(Testin’ 'til someone makes me stop.:D)

[sub]step[sup]step[/sub]step[/sup] Heaven