changing .png files to .jpeg

I see that many of the pictures I scanned are now .png files. Is there a way to change these into .jpeg files without spending a great deal of time on it? Can I do this as a mass change, rather than one file at a time? (My Webshots software does not recognize the .png format.)

Irfanview is a freeware image viewing and conversion utility - and it’s a really good one. It will do batch conversions.

Be aware though, that you are converting from a lossless format into a ‘lossy’ one - for most of your images, this probably won’t make a noticeable difference, but for some, it might make them look horrible.

Keep a backup copy of the original images - if any don’t look so good after conversion, replace them with PNGs converted to BMP instead of JPEG.

But… software that doesn’t recognise PNG? Yikes.

First, you’re probably best to check the settings you have on your scanning software. It seems odd that it would scan in as a png–particularly if it didn’t used to.

My daughter was scanning photo’s for a PowerPoint presentation for her sister’s Bat Mitavah celebration. I’m not sure what she did or how she did it.

Thanks - I used the IfanView and it converted them perfectly.

IMO, any piece of software which doesn’t recognize .png is not worth having. It’s definitely the superior format.

ETA: But I’m glad to hear it worked out OK anyway!