Why are these PNGs not like the others?

Why are these PNGs unviewable?
(Using IE 5 on computer where the files are written or 6 on public computer when the site is tested.)

The graphic at the top of the page is also a .png file as well as all the other graphic files for all of the other pages.
The top of the page graphics are JPG thumbnails converted to PNG with Photoshop LE.
The unviewable PNGs are full JPG files (one cropped, one full) that are also converted with Photoshop LE.

They are unviewable because IE doesn’t like those particular PNGs. I can view them fine in Firefox. IE can view some PNGs; I don’t know what’s different about those particular ones. You might see if there are any options when you save the file that you can tweak.

You can go to


This is a free image manipulator and it works great. You can convert pngs to gifs. When you convert pngs to jpgs the result isn’t as good as when you convert to gifs

You need to check with Opera and Netscape and K-Meleon as well as AOL to make sure your website looks the same in all browsers. It sometimes can be difficult to tweek websites so they are viewable to everyone

My WAG is something to do with the alpha layer… IE is known to have very poor support for it.