Chaos or Order: Adventures in Slobbery: Poll of sorts.

Slob - as in one who likes to not see the floor in various rooms because of all the clothes, wrapers, various crap laying around. Dishes piled high as Denver with various pitre-dish/skillet swamp experiments abound.

Not - slob: one who likes to drool.

My desk in my office has papers everywhere. My filing cabinet is in order because I needes to be. My various books and chachkis strewn on the coffee table, shelves etc…etc…Where are my midterms that are already graded - under pile three thank you very much! Of course I know where everything is, we have all heard this scenerio before.

My wifes desk at work…Could be eaten off of. Nuff Said. She is a neat-nik. Everything is in perfect order at all times. Never a crumb, sliver of pine needle or wrapper of candy will ever be found in her car. It still feels new even though it’s roughly a couples months old. (ok it’s still new)

Opposites attract? Well not in our case, we adapt. We have separate closets, bath regions, etc…etc… I agree to keep a clean house because I share it with my lovely wife, and if said house is not clean I share it with a veritable Gorgon.

My shed on the other hand is 300 sq/ft of chaos. I know where everything is, but the point uis my mind works like that. My wife can hardly walk into our shed. I on the otherhand go there for respite from the order. I loved puzzles as a kid, things that required making chaos more ordered…oddly as an adult I need the chaos to live and breath…

How about it dopers. Who loves the chaotic and why? Who has every hair on their body standing on end when in the midst of chaos? What’s your desk look like? Room, house, shed even…are they ordered or utter Mandelbrot sets of wonder and intrigue? <- As my wife would say…slobby?

Please forgive any spelling or grammar issues…I was typing quickly :slight_smile:

I didn’t know most dopers were so neat…

:sigh:…Okay, I’ll bite. Through massive amounts of self discipline, I have become an organized slob. My desk has piles of charts and paperwork, but I am able, on demand, to produce the necessary chart/file.

There are three packrats living in my house. Every so often, I steel myself and force us all to go through all acquired stuff and weed out the unnecessary, as there is only so much square footage. Which would soon become uninhabitable if we did not suffer the pangs of separation anxiety and rid ourselves of accumulated personal detritus (My daughter just cried her eyes out over the loss of her 1st grade Halloween costume-she’s ten).

I do none of this willingly, but with the knowledge that, if I didn’t, it simply wouldn’t get done.

I’m clean, but occasionally messy. My kitchen/bathroom are sanitized, but I have stacks of papers on my desk, and books and stuff on my coffee table.

I can’t stand going into someone’s house that smells like animals or dirty dishes. Ick.

A second organized-slob here. I don’t like things to be smelly/dirty, but I have no problem with the pile of magazinex next to my easy chair, or the random clutter of my coffee table. My desk at work is chaos, but, dammit, I know what is in EVERY PILE! :wink:

My bedroom is a mess. The rest of the apartment used to be, but Gunslinger helped me clean it on Wednesday night. Now I walk into my living room and get all kerfuzzled because the floor is clean… He says on Saturday he’s gonna help me with the bedroom, too, and then I’ll really be lost.

Desk: Messy

Data and Files: Perfect

I know what’s important.

Some may call me “slob” but I just think of myself as having priorities other than cleaning the house / desk / etc. I will admit that I don’t leave dishes with food around, and the bathrooms are relatively clean. Other than that, there’s various stuff lying around – mostly papers, mail, clothes, brac-a-brac, my son’s books and stuff. Dusting? Don’t hold your breath waiting.

My parents thought it was cute when, years ago, I visited their house with my 3-year-old, and he said in a delighted tone when we walked into the house, “The cleaning lady was here!” (That was for the brief period when I could afford a “cleaning lady.”)

My desk is neat. Very neat. I file everything as soon as I can. If it’s a paper to which I’ll need to refer often, I’ll scan it in as a PDF and file the hardcopy.

My home is very clean but not exactly neat - we’ve got a ton of books and magazines. The ones that aren’t shelved or racked are in neat stacks, though. I, too, can’t stand a smelly or dirty home. It’s one thing if you’re single but if you have kids and you keep a dirty/smelly home, well, I just don’t get it.

I pile. My file drawer doesn’t have folders. Everything’s tossed in with no organization. Somebody brings me a job, I keep the original in a stack of stuff. If they want it back, they get it if I can find it, but otherwise I keep the stack till it becomes a bigger stack, then dump it in the recycle bin when it get up to my kneecap.

I got a worktable, so that’s where I keep my stack, but now it’s spread out and mingles with my trade magazines, research material, and atlases. They snuggle and make baby stacks. Oh look, there’s a stack of faulty printouts I meant to show to the tech last time he was here…guess I’ll show it to him next time if I don’t forget.

I’m a slob, I admit it. I don’t wallow in my own filth or anything (usually), but the kitchen at least (if not the rest of the house) is usually fairly messy. It’s something I’m working on, but I really, truly hate cleaning, especially the kitchen.

I try to keep a grip on the chaos, because it’s never organized chaos. It’s just chaos. My comfort range is between slightly messy and somewhat messy. Excessive cleanliness and order drive me nuts, but so does excessive untidiness.

I used to irritate the heck out of one of my former bosses, a neat nik extreme. He would tell me, Mr. Organized Chaos, that I needed to “straighten up” my desk and files. I would ask “Why?” and he would explain that I would be able to find everything easier. I would ask “Have you ever asked me for anything and not gotten it immediately?”. His honest reply was “No”. Then I would say “How can I improve on immediately?” He would walk away, slowly shaking his head.

I can tolerate messiness, but I can’t stand dirtiness. And a messy kitchen drives me crazy.

My mom had this system, which sounds goofy, but really does keep the house looking at least okay: ABCD–Ashtrays, Bed, Clothes, Dishes. As long as ashtrays are empty, beds are made, clothes are put away, and dirty dishes aren’t left out, you’re in good shape. Compared to my mom, I’m a slob; and compared to my husband, I’m a neat freak; but I always try to follow “ABCD.”

sigh Slob slob slob. I do try, I really do. I don’t like to clean usually). I go on kicks where I clean everything that stands still. Then, I figure it’s all clean so I let it go again.

My hubby and I are both “pilers” so that doesn’t help. We’re gonna have a friend living here in a few weeks so we really feel like we have to get cleaned up. Usually that’s the motivation.

Then again, once things get too crazy (i.e. can’t walk into a room or access important stuff) the whole cycle begins again. sigh

I hate a mess, but I’m usually too busy/can’t be bothered to pick it up. Thus, I carry low-level irritation with me when I’m in my house.

Maybe you should get another shed. Then your friends would call you “Two Sheds”.

Fairly neat here. I have a spare room where my desk is located, that I call my “slop room.” I’ve got a pile of papers and crap on my desk, and some thesis data/journal articles, etc. strewn around. I keep my ironing board in here, and there’s generally a queue of shirts to be pressed. I also keep my nick-nacky crap in here on bookshelves, adding to the messiness.

The rest of my apartment is well-organized. I try to get through it 1-2 times per week and at least vacuum, pick up clothes, and wipe down the kitchen and bathroom. There’s also the mail that piles up on the dining room table. I’ll give myself a 7 on a 1-10 neatness scale.

Organization is for peole who are too durned lazy to get up and look for stuff.

(Actually, I pretty neat and tidy. It’s faster and easier)

We’re pretty organizationally challenged here :slight_smile:

Our philosophy is no one says ‘gee I wish I’d spend more time cleaning’

I come from a house that needed to be condemned and hubby came from one where you could eat off every floor. Neither of us were happy with the extremes we grew up with so together we’re somewhere in the middle.

The laundry is clean and the dishes are too but papers end up piled on my desk and often the toys get ankle deep before we fix them - but with a 2 year old that happens in about 10 minutes! I have no issue with clutter (although we do try and keep it to a minimum) I don’t think I’ve ever dusted except when packing to move,

Our house is full and lively and most days a little hectic but I wouldn’t trade it for the world :slight_smile:

At work I’m an utter, utter slob. My desk at work is a total eyesore. Not only do I have the most equipment (Mac, PC, scanner, huge printer), I also have piles of paper, books, magazines, gadgets and crap everywhere. It’s so bad that my coworkers complain about it and my boss mocks me. About once a year I clean it off, but there’s hardly any point since within a week it’s back to its previous state. I work in prolonged, immersive bursts of creative enthusiasm, and cleaning up after myself would kill the impetus.

I keep the kitchen tidy, and my wife keeps the rest of the house in check (as in she’s the foreman, I’m the manual labor), but we only really clean up properly when people are coming over, and only she can make it look properly tidy. I call it “woman tidy”, and it’s a mysterious skill.