Slobs of the world, unite!

My name is Zette, and I’m a total slob. Not dirty, but cluttered. I have rooms in my house full of crap I need to find a place for. I’m disorganized and messy. All attempts to fix this have failed.
Recently I bought (another) book about getting organized. In it, I found a web address:

It is an on-line support group for slobs that are trying to reform! There are actually support groups for people who need help with this. (kinda strange)

Anyone else on here have this same problem? Cupboards full of disorganized junk? Drawers spilling over?
(PS- I don’t want to hear it if you’re already “neat”- I want to hear from fellow slobs)

Some mornings it just doesn’t seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps.

If my apartment were bigger, then I would probably be more organized (or so I tell myself!)

Ideally, I should stop buying books and CD’s, that’s what’s cluttering my place. Everything else is pretty much under control except for the items mentioned.

Every once in a while, I throw stuff out to make more room for my books and CD’s. Then my place looks nice and organized. It never lasts very long, however. :smiley:

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Coldfire here, reporting from the Depths of Cold’s Slob-o-rama… :wink:

Yeah, my cupbairds & drawers are running over with stuff that I should not even file or organize anymore, but just plainly chuck out !

However, it is always rather CLEAN at my place. So, a mess it is, but no fungus in the fridge or sink :slight_smile:


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I can’t even claim that my place is always clean. (hangs head in shame) Sometimes the dirty dishes pile up, sometimes the crouton that fell on the floor gets ground into the carpet before I find the vacuum cleaner.

My worst problem right now is that I have Tuesdays and Thursdays off, so I don’t have an actual weekend. Really throws my rhythm off. I haven’t been able to catch up on all my chores in weeks.

I also have boxes and boxes of stuff from my move last month that haven’t been put away. I’m tempted just to throw them out. If I lived without them for six months, I can live without them permanently.

“I think he said ‘Blessed are the cheesemakers.’”

(whimper, raising hand and standing up)

“We are Mr. and Mrs. Bluepony, and we are slobs”

Is there a 12-step program for this?

Our house always looks like a Toys-R-Us and a Barnes and Noble store just exploded and scattered the contents everywhere inside. We overcompensate by cleaning our bathrooms and kitchen to hospital standards.

My wife and I are avid readers, and for some reason, we still love going to toy stores. Our son has reaped additional benefits of having two parents who actually like hanging out in toy stores and playing with the items.

We are contemplating turning our garage into a combination playroom and library, hoping that the entire mess will migrate there and leave us with a real living room where we can entertain guests. Actually, all our reading friends like hanging out at our house, since it saves them the time and trouble of going to a bookstore or a library.

As an additional twist, I served 20 years in the military, and my wife is currently serving as well. This results in tons of military equipment, memorablia, souvenirs, insignia and all sorts of assorted crap clogging desk drawers, footlockers, closet space, and other endangered parts of our house, I now designate as “free space”. I took a modest step in this direction after we had our first kid, by disposing of two boxes of loose ammunition, pyrotechnic devices, and a half dozen knives and bayonets at the local Army surplus store. I am contemplating selling the rest to a small Third World country to equip their military forces.

If I could organize all this and corral my packrat wife, well…I can dream about it can’t I?

“…send lawyers, guns, and money…”

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Stop apologizing for the mess. You are not your mother or whomever else you are comparing your place too. This is your sanctuary from the madness. AND STOP BUYING those Better Homes magazines they only are crushing your self esteem.

You work for a living. If you had a perfect place it would be a sign that you are an anal retentive pain in the ass and no one would like you that much anyways and you would be cleaning for nothing because no one would ever come over to your place. Clean up for parties and when family comes over and leave the rest of the time to enjoy your life and worry about serious issues like gingivitis or something.

It’s pretty ironic that five years ago, I was an absolute clean freak. My house was always spotless. Today, my house looks like a tornado and two major earthquakes went through it. My hubby is a major slob and my four kids are learning all of his tricks, so I basically have given up.

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Bad spellers of the world, untie!

You know I live in a fairly big house with quite a bit of closet space and you know what, they’re almost all crammed full. There is never enough storage space. The attics are getting full. If I were to build a new house (when I win the lottery) I would consider 4 basement levels with a freight elevator and forklift, or maybe a small loader. Just scoop it up and run it down to the basement.

Tenacious, like a coonhound tracking a poodle in heat.

I am a total slob. My room is always messy until i have what I call are ‘cleaning fits’. It’s not too bad since I dont have papers all over but I have clothes all over the floor, papers all over my desk and books near my bed. Fortunately a couple of weeks ago I cleaned out my drawers so I actually had a place to put stuff. Anyway, the mess can wait a few more weeks, until I get tired and clean again.

I don’t care for the term “slob”. I like to think of myself as organizationally challenged. Differently organized?

The worst thing is I am married to the exact opposite end of the neat-messy continuum. We have been married for twenty plus years and I still can’t get her to leave my end table alone. No, it doesn’t help when you tidy it up and stack all the books in size order. Taking a bunch of little piles and making a big pile in one place is not the same thing.

I come by it honestly – when my grandmother died her house was full of stuff. You could hardly walk from room to room. We tried to help her tidy it up or get rid of it but (surprise!) she didn’t want any help. The good news is that when my sister was cleaning it all out she found $20,000 under the bed! So I may be messy but there’s probably large chunks of cash in there somewhere.

Differently organized. I like that.

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Complete and total slob. Save everything, pitch nothing. Books, articles clipped from the Wall Street Journal that I plan to file, e-mails I printed that I really ought to pitch… Hell, I even have a coffee table in my station wagon because there’s no space for it indoors (I had it in the hall but the landlord made me move it).
On top of that I’m the world’s worst housekeeper. Takes me forever to get around to sweeping, doing the dishes, etc.

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I, too, have piles o’ stuff everywhere. I usually have to take an archaelogical approach when looking for something. I can tell by what’s on the top of the stack to tell how the stack is and if the thing I’m looking for is there.

This weekend, however, I’m going to build the first of many shelving units (thanks, Norm Abrams!) to house my stuff. The only things that are currently organized properly (well, to within 90%) are my video collection (1100 tapes and counting), CD’s (except for the dreaded double cases and odd-shaped boxes), LP’s, and 45’s. After this weekend, I’ll have a shelf unit to hold ALL of my cd’s and 45’s.

The rest I’ll build on future weekends.

Hi. My name is Libby, and I’m ::sniff:: a slob!

Well, I see I have good company here…If anyone is interested in attempting to change/clean the crap up and wants to do it in a group support atmosphere, drop me an e-mail. I always find that life changes and bad habits are better done with company.

Some mornings it just doesn’t seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps.

Nobody could possibly have it as bad as I do…

The House:
Inherited from recently deceased packrat mother-in-law who lived here for more than 20 years. House is a 36-year-old 4-level split consisting of five bedrooms, two living rooms, an eat-in kitchen, three bathrooms, various closets, a laundry/storage room and a two-car garage.

The Current Inhabitants:
A comic-collecting, video-game-playing husband who never had to clean up after himself.
The wife who’s too busy just trying to keep up on the dishes and keep the baby from ODing on kibble.
An 18-month old, Hurricane Bowen.
A miniature pinscher whose favourite pastimes are strewing garbage all over the kitchen and getting into the diaper pail.

Each of the aforementioned rooms and closets are a mess. Byron has only recently agreed to get rid of his mother’s things, so I’ve spent the last YEAR maneuvering around two household’s worth of “stuff”.

Three of the five bedrooms are actually used as such. Only one of the three is clean. It is the guest bedroom, never used, never opened. Bowen’s room and our room are both gawdawful messes. (Clean laundry sits patiently in baskets, whilst dirty laundry piles up all around, beds never made, toys strewn across the hall from Bowen’s room to ours… etc.)

The other two bedrooms are used as an office, and “Byron’s room” where he keeps all of his comics and half of his drumset. “Byron’s room” was his mother’s bedroom, and currently holds a majority of the stuff that needs to be cleared away, which is why only half of his drumset is in that room. The office is a room that gets used numerous times throughout the day, and is the biggest disgrace of all. Somewhere around 50 Coke cans are stacked on one side of the desk. I count four empty cigarette packs (and accompanying cellophane wrappers) one 32 oz McD’s cup, one 20 oz. styrofoam Kum&Go coffee cup, one refillable gas station coffee mug, three glasses, two cereal bowls, one ice cream dish, one half-full box of Goldfish crackers, two packs worth of Big Red gum wrappers, and countless bits of scratch paper. (Hey, there’s my new car registration!)

That’s just the DESK… I’m not even going to tell you about the rest of the room (Hurricane Bowen, anyone?)

The other half of Byron’s drumset is down in the downstairs living room, which currently is the holding place for boxes of clothes that Bowen can no longer wear/can’t wear yet/can’t wear at all because he’s not a girl. In addition to that, there are all the knicknacks, books, toys, linens and other junk that I finally started sifting through in a rage to turn my house from a flea market into an actual domicile. Laundry room and garage? Not worth getting into.

Suffice it to say, this house MAY be livable before Bowen graduates high school. After that, we’ll still need to redecorate… this house is more seventies than disco.

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

I’ve always been a scruff. Always always always. Can’t see that ever changing. My Mum was ever-vigilant, though no tidiness freak. She just cleaned up most weekends like Mums so often do, and frankly, because of that I never realised how messy I really was.

Until I left home and moved into a place to share. And there I realised how slobby I could be.

Like that revelation ever changed me. HA!!

Anyways, after eight years of living like Fungus the Bogeyman, I moved into a new place with new people, and discovered a) the tidiest neat freak in the universe, who moved his furniture twice a week (never satisfied), and managed to clean his desk so thoroughly it literally collapsed under him from all the wearing away.

And b) my other flatmate who was the messiest, untidiest, scruffiest human being I’d ever encountered. She collected everything, and usually wrote her diary-like thoughts on everything somewhere so couldn’t throw anything away afterwards.

After witnessing such extremes in my own household all at the same time, I came to realise I’m merely average in the slobbiness department.

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Hello my name is Ben, and I’m a slob…sometimes.

A suggestion to everyone, place a large garbage can in every room of the house, in easy reach of common locations. This is critical in that messes are contagious. It encourages you to throw things away. Garbage is really the only unexcusable and nasty thing about slobs. Hampers are a nice addition, in each bedroom. The problem with slobs is that we’re kinda lazy, and usually busy. Extra effort isn’t put in. So if the garbage is across the room from the desk simply because its out of the way and looks nicer, we’ll either set shit down somewhere, or try and throw it (and miss). Dirty clothes will never make it to the laundry room, chute, or communal hamper. If the hamper is next to where you change you chances are good that it’ll get put in there. These little things don’t make things much cleaner, but they keep the filth in proper places and make finally cleaning up a bit easier, and therefore more likely to get done.

More about me, I adjust to my surroundings. In college with a slob roommate, I became the biggest slob ever to walk. (We lived with a stopsign, pole and clumps of dirt at the base and all in the center of the dormroom, and burried under clothes for 4 months) My mom on the other hand is a neat freak (borderline Obsessive-Compulsive). She does laundry twice a week (alot considering there are only me, her and my dad at home). Vacuums weekly at least, and scrubs floors, windows and bathrooms (stuff most do 2-4 times a year) bi-weekly. This has gotten me used to having a spotless room, so I am at a loss when I don’t have someone to clean for me. I won’t do it, but I can stand a mess. I just half ass it, keep clothes in a basket or hung up, papers in neat piles (not sorted or filed), and stack things in corners. This gives the impression of clean, but in reality its still a long ways from being clean. I have dust bunnies that growl, and gnaw the ends off of my duster. I have never vacuumed, dusted, or cleaned a floor or bathroom. Don’t intend to start either. The big stuff gets cleaned, the dust and crap can sit for al I care, and laundry is optional.

Reading all this has inspired me to clean up around my place…tomorrow.

My apartment is small, and it always looks messy because I have too much stuff. I also have way too many pets for such a small space: 4 cats, 4 birds (VERY messy), and 2 rats. I have to vaccuum almost every day. The birds toss their food everywhere, and the amount of dust they produce is incredible. My cats shed everywhere. The other day I ran a pet hair pick up over my couch and I had enough hair to make 4 more cats. People with allergies would keel over right away if they came to my place. I would love to get an air filter but they are too expensive. I hate having people over anyway, because I always hate how my place looks.

“Love given when it is inconvenient is the greatest love of all. Kindnesses that are shared at a high cost to oneself are the most dear.”

Don’t know who said it, but I like it.

I’m definately a slob. My only concession to neatness is I don’t leave food or other spoilables lying around. However you can’t walk in a straight line across any room in my house because of the piles of books, CD’s, magazines, clothes, videos, etc.