Character display in Chinese software

I bought a couple of Chinese games to give myself more incentive to learn something during my off-time; unfortunately, my assumption that Chinese would display properly was wrong. The software that usually works for for web-surfing (NJStar Communicator) gives me some characters, and some garbled nonsense. Does anyone have any suggestions that DON’T involve hunting down a Chinese-language copy of Windows? Or if that’s what I have to do, where I can get one for… Less than SRP? As though any legal Chinese copies of Windows are out there…

Oh yeah, I suppose it would help to mention that I’m running Windows XP.

I’m not sure about XP in particular, but Win2000
supports multiple languages. You can add languages
in the “Control Panel -> Regional Options” area.
You may need your WinXP CD handy to install programs
and fonts. I installed Japanese support on my Win2000
system and it came with fonts and also a Japanese text-entry
program (IME)! Good stuff!
Oh, if you want Taiwanese-style characters pick
“Traditional Chinese”, the PRC uses “Simplified Chinese”.

I reckon it’s a problem with character encoding. If you see “monsters,” i.e., unrecognisable characters, the first thing to do is to switch to the other character encoding. So, if you have Big5 change to GB and vice versa. If you have computer games, using Big5 is a safe bet.

I am not sure if NJStar Communicator works with them. Adding the Simplied and Traditional Chinese language packs should help.

There are several different things and I am not sure what you need. For HTML pages in Chinese to display correctly you can download the patch from Micrososft’s site. GB2312 (Simplified Chinese Characters) is 2.7 MB.

One of the good thing about Mozilla is it can display CKJ characters without large add-ons.

I’m mighty confused… Here is the list of facts.

I apparently have the 250 megs of East Asian language packs installed.

Windows Explorer displays traditional Chinese and Japanese flawlessly.

Windows Media player displays Japanese without problems, but simplified Chinese appears as “monsters.”

I have told the computer I want the option of using PRC and HK Chinese including for input, but the only discernable change is that I have a toolbar that doesn’t do anything. No input, no viewing.

I can view traditional or simplified Chinese in Internet Explorer by changing the “encoding option,” though unforunately “auto-select” appears to be worthless.

The game’s icon on the startup menu and the game itself are nonsense unless I start NJStar Communicator, at which time it’s a mix of characters and nonsense.

WTF. Is there any way to do these things:

1)Read the game in traditional Chinese
2)Read websites without guessing the encoding
3)Type traditional, simplified, and maybe even Hong Kong Chinese without using NJStar Communicator?

The Windows options make it seem simple, but they’re doing nothing.

Sorry, but biggidy-BUMP- I’m really hoping for some answers…