Character you'd most like to catch up with

Still waiting for Super Mario Bros. 2 to know what she needed Mario and Luigi’s help for

Vincent Mancini (Corleone)

I would love a series with Veronica Mars working for the FBI.

Rather than Buffy, I’d like to know Willow’s future.

Iolo the bard from the Ultima series of computer games, maybe Werdna from the Wizardry series.

That one spunky FBI chick from X-Files that was basically a stand in for fans.

they went on to become some of the most successful young actors in hollywood.

Dr. Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap. The last line in the series broke my heart: “Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home”. Does that mean he died? Did he just keep on leaping until age got the better of him? Did he ever see Al again?

I always hoped to find out what happened to Benjamin Sisko in Deep Space 9 after he “merged” with the Prophets.