Characters so grey you just don't care

A lot of people conflate this with having to like a character, but I can find characters I don’t like interesting. But there does really seem to be a point where I just don’t care, the protagonist could get brutally murdered and I’d say good he deserved that, it breaks something in the fiction.

I think the most recent example I can think of is The American, the protagonist obviously isn’t supposed to be likeable but he isn’t interesting either. And he performs actions in the opening scene that are so disgusting, I guess the fact he kinda regrets it later is character development.

Rita from Dexter. I don’t think you were supposed to like or not like her (but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen the show). She was there as a plot device. An inconvenience for Dexter, to make his ‘work’ harder etc. Either way, she was annoying and for that I think it made it easier to watch her go.

I’m getting close to the point where I’m actually rooting against Daniel Craig’s version of James Bond - he definitely doesn’t have me emotionally invested in his success.

Many of the characters in *American Hustle *were in the grey area between good and bad. I found them very interesting.

I finally read Neuromancer recently, and had this problem. At first I was sort of rooting for what’s-his-name, but after he managed to score some drugs that could get past his altered metabolism, I just stopped caring. By the end of the book, the only character I really felt for was the Rasta guy.

Gandalf. :stuck_out_tongue:

Peter Fonda in Easy Rider. What a drag. In fact, the whole movie was boring. I have no idea why it’s such a cult favorite. Oh wait…puff puff…never mind.

Roslin in BSG. Hatttted herrrrr

Chiana from Farscape :wink:

Gray? Yes!
Boring? Frell No! :smiley:

My favorite female character in 'Scape, far better than Aeryn Sun, light years better than Jool or Psycho-Sue, or Commandant Cleavage

Chiana and P’au Zotoh Zahn, mmmmm…
I’ll be in my bunk…

Although I don’t really watch the show much, when I read about Will from The Good Wifedying in last week’s episode, my first thought was, “How tragic!” But my second thought was, “He was a really loathsome character, and frankly, I’m kind of amused that he’s dead and everyone’s weeping over him.”

My vote would be for Q in the new Star Trek series. I never understood the popularity of character. Other than introducing the Borg, he really does nothing and his presence adds little to the other episodes in which he is cast.

“The new Star trek series”? Just checking, do you know which decade it is? :wink:

Quite a few of the ASoIaF characters are migrating into that area for me.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who was sick of Rita on Dexter. I do think by & large that it would’ve been better off if they’d kept it as a sausage fest.
Most of the women in there were just madonna/whore props that just bogged the show down for me.

I also agree with Daniel Craig as James Bond. I slept through the last JB movie he was in.

Also, any scene that focused on Marie in Breaking Bad. --Skyler was relatable in many scenes, but she also got old after awhile.
In the same vein, I think they pushed the show a little too fast when Walt went from a “fairly ok guy stuck between a rock & a hard place” to criminal mastermind was a bit jarring & felt rushed.

(However with regards to Farscape, it was the main guy & the little puppet bastard who completely ruined the show for me.
I was so hoping for a major derailment for the main guy in the last season or so where the whole crew majorly screwed him over at the end & also punted the puppet out an airlock or something.
I loathe obnoxious asshats as main characters. They make a show completely unwatchable for me. )

Mine would be pretty much every character in Now You See Me. Partway through the movie I actually said out loud, “Wait a second, I’m supposed to be rooting for these assholes?”

I think the character of Benjamin Linus on Lost was supposed to be gray, but I never bought it. I feel like they were basically cheating. When we first met him, he did horrible things, we weren’t sure why. Then he turned out to be a GREAT actor, so they wanted him to be a bigger character, so we started learning his backstory. But at the same time, he pretty much stopped doing horrible things. So he didn’t become gray, he just became bland. (I’m sure I’m forgetting many details here.)