Movies with extremely unlikable protagonists

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What movie protagonists do you loathe, despite their role in the story? My first nomination is Dante, from Clerks, as mistakenly mentioned by HPL in the source thread. By the end of the movie, I found his incessant whining to be far too annoying.

I watched Rendez-Vous the other day, the mid-eighties foreign one.

There wasn’t a single likeable character in the movie! Well, maybe the director guy. Maybe.

Also : Blair Witch Project - again, no likeable characters to be found.

Alex from “A Clockwork Orange”. None of the characters in the movie were very likeable.

In Sideways, I don’t think either of the male leads are at all likeable, and it’s a real feat on the part of the director that they were sympathetic.

How about Freddy vs. Jason? :wink:

The only character I liked in Closer was the Natalie Portman character. The rest were selfish jerks. Also, the Jude Law character in Alfie. He’s good at playing jerks, I guess.

Not a move, but tv - how about the entire cast of Seinfeld? Certainly George was unlikable for a number of reasons, Kramer was a freeloader, Jerry was the world’s most shallow person, and Elaine was an incessant whiner. Great show, but sometimes you just wanted to give the characters a good slap and tell them to get over themselves.

Of course, this was the entire premise of the series finale.

I found Scarlett Johanson’s character in Lost in Translation to be extremely annoying. Kind of ruined the movie for me, actually.

I don’t think that there’s a likable character in the entire Stanley Kubrick filmography. Misanthropist that I am, I still love his movies.

Two words: Napoleon Dynamite.

I hated the little snot and wished that he went to my high school so I could kick his ass. I hated his mannerisms, his tone, his behavior.

Well, Gosh!

Hey, you didn’t like Major Kong? I thought that guy was AWESOME (of course, he seemed to be based on a teacher I had in high school, who used to fly B-52s for the Air Force…)

Also, re: Dante, I get the feeling that he was supposed to be a bit of a whiner. Yes, he had a bad day, yes, he has a shitty job, yes, his girlfriend had sex with… well, enough about that. As his friend and co-worker pointed out “We’re convenience store clerks… and pretty shitty ones I might add.” and then goes on into a monologue about how they pretend that they’re important, etc. I don’t remember exactly how it goes, so anyone feel free to look it up and post it for me :slight_smile:

As for unlikeable protaganists: If we’re allowing TV-shows, can we allow anime? Shinji Ikara. I wanted to throttle that kid by halfway through the show. Neon Genesis Evangelion is a shining example of why the fate of Humanity should not be placed in the hands of fifteen year olds.

The Talented Mr. Ripley is completely morally repugnant, yet fascinating.

I don’t see why Anime cannot be included. Which brings to mind the anime Reign. Not only did I not like the protaganists, I didn’t like the show at all. It grated on me, and I’m not sure why.

When watching the recent Phantom of the Opera movie, I sincerely hoped that The Phantom would do something with Raoul.

I liked Dante and didn’t find him annoying. Jay, on the other hand, with his brain dead verbal diarrhea and his pretentiously impenetrable slang…

I’ll go with Eating Raoul. I find cannibalism quite unlikable.

“But I’m not ever supposed to be here today!”

I agree with Beadalin. The first words out of my mouth after watching Sideways: I absolutely hate people like that. The movie was well made and I enjoyed the spurring of pure repugnance. :slight_smile: The ordinary traits I despise were amplified in those two…

Plus: Another vote for Closer sans Natalie Portman.

Leaving Las Vegas.

Any character in any movie who lies because they think it will be better and farce ensues.

Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds. Ass-hole.