Charles R. Smith MD (rot in Hell you arrogant prick)

Maybe the “good” Dr. Smith has been pitted before. I don’t care; he could use another (and another, . . . ).

There are lots of links out there about this evil man. The Wiki one is as good as any to start with.

In brief, though thoroughly and totally incompetent (but not yet known to be), Smith, a pathologist, gave testimony in case after case of infant and children death in Ontario in the 1990’s. Considered a ‘guru’ on such matters, his findings alone were sufficient to convict an accused parent. Only years later, in some cases almost twenty years, would the truth be discovered and with it the horror in the realization of what some totally innocent parents had been subjected to - death of their child, then, because of Smith’s incompetence and refusal to consider alternate explanations for his “findings”, they went on to have criminal convictions and jail sentences, and removal of their other kids.

Here is an article from today’s Toronto Star which, despite being about only one tragic case, comes as close as I think possible to encapsulating the misery this man caused. Read it and weep.

Other than war criminals, it’s hard to think of any doctor who’s caused as much suffering and misery as has this sorry excuse for a man.

“First God takes your kid, then because of Smith your freedom and your other kids are taken next”

So does anyone know if he was just totally incompetent or did he have some kind of twisted reasoning for taking the wrong side in so many cases? It almost seems like a guy with his training would get a few cases “right” just by chance. It’s almost like he wanted to screw people.

The two links don’t go into much depth - anyone have more info?

Here is a bit of background into the 2008 inquiry

I think that Smith was (and is) psychologically screwed up, as evidenced by this quote from the article:

Thanks for the info.

So…incompetent and had a phantom “agenda.” Nice.

I was also appalled at the horribly low dollar amounts offered to the victims. Lose your kids and go to prison for 15 years? No problem, here’s $15,000. All better!

On the flip side is Alfred Steinschneider, MD, who diagnosed a series of crib deaths as SIDS and used the diagnoses to further establish the relatively new–at the time–syndrome and how it runs in families. 22 years–and several million dollars in grants from NIH to Steinschneider–later, the mother confessed! Dr. Steinschneider, of course, refuses to believe the deaths were anything but SIDS.

Everyone makes mistakes.

You’re a piece of shit. The investigations found he made “false and misleading statements”.

If you consider those “mistakes” then you have the brain power of a retarded rock. No, I think you just like being a piece of shit.

Yeah, Dr. Smith is big news here in Ontario, has been for some time.

It is taking a surprisingly long time to partially undo all the harm he’s done.

Where are you getting that from?

Some victims got millions.

You might actually be the dumbest poster I have have read on this Forum.

Thats saying a lot, but you might just be it.

Interesting. The original linked article said the Canadian Government would offer a “maximum of $250,000” to each individual.

Perhaps, that’s what they offered, but actually taking them to court wound up raising the amount substantially?


You may havem meant it as sarcasm, but it wasn’t that clear and it wasn’t very well done, either. Getting bent out of shape because your snide tone didn’t translate is also arrogant and stupid.

Everyone makes mistakes.

Here is a site about Thomas Gill, another equally wonderful pathologist who was declared incompetent by the California bar after tapes of his being coached by a DA surfaced. (The video airs in about 20 minutes on PBS. I watched it this morning and it’s pretty interesting, if a bit morbid.)

Watching it right now. Made me remember that for many years the coroner for this county was a barber. Musta been his smock. He LOOKED the part of a doctor IOW.

Autopsies done in a garage on ana already decomposing body?

Holy shit, I had NO idea! Thanks for the heads-up about this, MsRobyn!


I wasn’t looking for your approval.

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