Charlie Crist (D) v. Rick Scott (R) (Inc) FL Governor's Race

So it’s official. former Republican Charlie Crist (D-Windsock) is challenging Rick Scott (R-Douchebag) for the Florida Governor’s seat.

So, I hate Charlie Crist. I mean really, really hate him. I think he completely lacks any firm policy position or belief. He’s the archetype for “tell me where you’re going, so I can lead you” politicians.

He is however, IMHO, better for the state than Rick “fuck you I got mine” Scott. We simply cannot afford four more years of Rick Scott wasting state money on stupid shit while gutting environmental rules and education funding to give shit away to his buddies.

The other Democratic candidate is State Senator Nan Rich who simply doesn’t have the name recognition or backing to challenge Money-bags Rick. I hope she pulls out and runs for the Cabinet, it would be valuable to pick up a seat there. And she REALLY needs to avoid attacking Charlie too much in the primary, don’t hand the Scott campaign more ammo.

sigh I hate the “lesser of two evils”.

Yeah, but as Virginians are painfully aware right now, sometimes that’s the only choice you have. And you’ve still got to make that choice as best you can anyway.

But maybe Floridians, who know far more about the guy than I ever will, can flesh out a variation on a certain oldie that starts like this:

So you are the Crist, yes, the great Charlie Crist…

When Crist was governor before, nobody loved him, and nobody hated him either, or thought much about him at all. He was just kinda there. But Scott . . . Yes, far better the cipher than the fiend!

It’s easier to pick when one of them is actually evil. I’m not great fan of Crist but I expect a few years with John Morgan has opened his eyes to the wonderful world of liberalism. And honestly, not being Rick Scott is a massive qualification when you’re actually running against Scott. I’m not exactly a fan of Republicans in general, but I can generally see the appeal of most as political candidates. With Scott, I just don’t see any redeeming feature. I genuinely don’t understand why anyone other than his plutocrat friends is supporting him.

Yea, I thought Crist was a decent Governor the first time around, even if he was in the wrong party, so I’ll happily vote for him now that he’s a Dem.

Gonna miss those Voldemort jokes if Scott looses, though.

Charlie Manson could beat Scott at this point.

I prefer a modified version of that RTFirefly classic “Vote for the soulless hack with the great hair - it’s important!”

You know, I really tried to give ole Pink Slip Rick a chance and he has implemented some decent reforms (in particular the annual examination of all state rules and the elimination of outdated/superseded ones - this was badly needed and needs to stay in place). But then…wow. I have an insider’s knowledge of DEP (Environmental Protection) and the damage he and his cronies have done there will take a decade or more to undo.

I must confess that I adapted it from “Vote for the Crook - It’s Important!”, a similar message on behalf of former Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards, who had been indicted for a number of felonies (but acquitted), when he was running against David Duke, a neo-Nazi, in 1991.

® is why.

This. If he was just some opportunistic Senator who wanted to challenge vulnerable governor and needed to change parties to do it, that would be one thing. But instead, he’s a former governor who did a pretty good job, so we know he can do it.

I don’t think his mushiness matters much either, because he was mushy as a Republican. If he’s mushy as a Democrat, same difference.

Better still, from that race: “Better a lizard than a wizard.”

Now that the Virginia race is over I can start feeling bad for Florida voters. This probably isn’t as bad as Cuccinelli vs. McAuliffe, but it’s pretty bad.

Crist is more than competent, and Scott, while disliked, has presided over an economy that’s improved faster than the nation’s and has seen his approval rating increase almost to the point where he can win reelection. As of this summer, he became more popular than Barack Obama:

Florida’s economy is very heavily based on real estate and it took a huge beating during the recession. They’re making a faster than average recovery out of a bigger than average hole. In context that’s not a huge achievement.

California failed to achieve it. They had the same problem.

Jerry Brown inherited a 12.1% unemployment rate. Today it’s 8.9%

Rick Scott inherited a 10.9% unemployment rate. Today it’s 7%.

Florida didn’t just recover from a lower floor. It caught up to the rest of the country. California still lags way behind.

“California’s economy grew much faster than the national average last year, nearly erasing the losses from the recession, new federal estimates show.”

Then why is Cali’s unemployment rate rising over the past few months, while Florida continues to fall? My cite measured unemployment, not GDP growth.

Why does California lag the country by almost 2 full points in the unemployment rate?

Oh, now you’ve decided you were talking about unemployment. Fascinating.

That’s what I cited. Dig up comparative GDP growth rates since 2011 if you want to make a counterpoint.

I already did, and I’m not going to enable your hijack any further. If you want to talk about California, start another thread.