FloriDopers: Who do you like for governor?

The state primary election is Tuesday, September 5. Leading candidates for governor:

Jim Davis
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Rod Smith
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Charlie Crist
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Tom Gallagher
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You can view the complete list of candidates (Dem, Pub and indie) here.
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Who do you want for governor?

Jim Davis. Charlie Crist’ll take it, though – better him than that jackass Gallagher, at least.

I’m leaning towards Crist, of course this is because I haven’t really researched any of the others yet. Mind is subject to change.

I’m leaning toward Gallagher. I’ve already made up my mind to vote for Will McBride in the Senate primary…why won’t Harris just give up already?

Can someone sum up the candidates and their views for me? Being in Geogia, I dont get to see their commercials or hear any news about them. What’s the big topic of debate there right now?
I’ll be voting by absentee ballot, and I need to know who to pick.

I haven’t noticed any big controversy yet. For me, the big thing is Harris won’t give up the ghost. None of the Republicans will support her, even her former boss, Gov Jeb. She can’t win against Nelson, and I think the Republicans are on an “Anyone but Harris” kick for the primary.

I’ve seen a few ads, but not a whole lot. The primary is on Sept 5th (my birthday!!), so we’ll probably see a whole bunch more on Sept. 6th.

I’ve heard good things about Jim Davis, at least in regards to his position on the environment. But I really need to see these jokers in a debate before I can decide.

I’m leaning towards Jim Davis right now for the Democrats and from what I’ve read I’d prefer Crist from the Republicans, as the little I’ve read about Gallagher he seems like a true scumbag. I’ll have to digest a bit more, first, though.

Also, has anyone noticed that many of the Republican ads are touting the candidates as “A Jeb Bush Republican”? Not too many want to go out on a limb as a “George Bush” Republican. I know it’s all about approval ratings, but it’s still kind of funny.

I don’t find that phrase all that odd. After all, this is the race for Governor, so wouldn’t it make more sense to try to identify a candidate’s positions with that of the current governor? In other words, it’s like saying, “If you approve of the policies of the current governor, then you would approve of this candidate as a worthy successor to follow in his footsteps”.

For comparison’s sake, it would also make more sense to me to have heard 8 years ago “He’s a Lawton Chiles Democrat” than “He’s a Bill Clinton Democrat” as an argument for a Democratic gubernatorial candidate.

I’m with Bambi, I’m voting for Jim Davis, but I think Crist will take it.

Does anyone here think Graham will try for the Presidency in 08?

As between Davis and Smith: I don’t like Davis because his voting record in Congress is too neolib-globalizationist – he voted for CAFTA. He’s also a member of the New Democrat Coalition, affiliated with the “centrist” pro-corporate Democratic Leadership Council, and the sooner we kill that off the better. Smith is more of a regular-guy populist who, in his pre-political legal career, represented a lot of labor unions.

Well, in 2002, there was a televised pre-primary debate between Janet Reno, Bill McBride and Darryl Jones; so I hope we’ll get one this time around.

The Pub candidates’ debate will be broadcast tomorrow, 8 p.m., and the Dem debate will be Wednesday, same time. Check for local listings.

The Lakeland Ledger has an analysis.

Sorry, I meant I am hearing this for EVERY political position, not the gubernatorial candidates. It does make sense for Gallagher and Crist to make that claim. It is weird to have it applied to people running for the House.

Ah, gotcha. I thought you just meant the candidates for Governor. I hadn’t been paying enough attention yet to the US House and Senate campaigns to notice. But that would be a little more odd, I agree.

I don’t recall seeing any ads from Harris OR Nelson for the US Senate race yet, but I don’t watch much TV. Most have been random adverts on BayNews9 early in the morning while I’m waiting for a traffic (it’ll be crowded) or weather (it will be hot and it will probably rain) reports. I’m not really sure why I bother nor am I totally awake, but I’ll try and pay more attention on who these are for. I know that the one ad I have had stay with me is a woman running for judge whose campaign seems to be “I’ll not accept any money from lawyers nor any money over $50 from anyone”.
Aside to Monstre and Monstro: Can one of you change your name? It’s really confusing, especially with both of you in Florida, even if you’re at opposite ends of the state.

I’m sure they’re waiting until after the primary.

Here’s a “what if?” that’s been nagging at me since 2002. At the time, I hoped Bill McBride would tap the runner-up, African-American state senator Darryl Jones, as his running mate. Figuring it would really mobilize the black vote and draw support from black organizations and liberals all over the country; also, McBride could have folded Jones’ campaign organization into his own. Instead McBride chose an unknown for running mate, can’t even remember his name.

If McBride had chosen Jones – would it have helped or hurt his candidacy? IOW, are there more black voters or white racist voters in Florida?

Did anyone watch the Crist-Gallagher debate? I had to work. (I’ll have to work suring the Smith-Davis debate tomorrow too.)